The Strange Knocking In The Bedroom


My mother died very sudden and fast in January 2000 on a cold Friday Morning, by Tuesday we had her buried. I was staying in her house keeping my Father company along with my two children. The next day my children went up to visit their uncle not far away and my Father had things to do so my neice and I remained at the house. I was still numb with shock and a headache to match. My niece, who was fifteen at the time, had Mtv on (a music station) she had it blarring and I gave out to her to turn it down as a mark of respect to my Mother.

All of a sudden we heard loud knocking up above us, we turned down the music, it was coming from my Mother’s bedroom. I began to climb the stairs with my niece hiding behind me. I thought it was a burgular and was quite scared, when we heard three knocks at the door. My niece ran down the stairs opened the door and left me there. I stood on the landing shaking and then it dawned on me. It was my Mother warning my niece to turn down the music as this was her house. I laughed out loud ‘ ok Mum you got your message accross’. I sat back downstairs and heard like someone walk across the floor and get into bed.

Later that evening my Father rang me, he had not been in the bedroom since my Mother died but had to get something, when he entered the room, the blankets on her side of the bed were pulled back and her locker door was open. I lied and said he had done it ealier when I was there, but we both knew no one had gone into that room since she died.

My Mother was a very house proud lady, she was a strict Cathloic and had rules for her house so I was not surprized that she told my niece off even in death.


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