Red Faced Entity


This actually happened just then and it has left me quite shaken.

This morning while getting ready, I began to exit the bathroom when I suddenly saw a red face glaring at me from the reflective mosaic tiles on the bathroom walls. I was really shocked and just tried my best to dismiss it.

Just then, I was sleeping with my boyfriend and something hit my face. It felt like a slap so I yelled at my boyfriend but he insisted it wasn’t him. Upon falling back asleep I suddenly began hearing a loud static noise and my hands began to reach for my neck and I started strangling myself. My boyfriend was sound asleep and I couldn’t scream. During this process a face kept flashing before my eyes and my whole body was paralysed except for my foot. I kept trying to nudge my boyfriend but he wouldn’t wake up. The ordeal ended when I began to pray, I felt it weaken but not as much as other spirits did when I would pray so I began to feel this entity was particularly strong?

But I managed to weaken it enough to scratch myself which woke me from the state. Upon waking it said profanities at me which increasingly got louder and louder so I screamed back in anger and woke my boyfriend. He hugged me and as he did I felt another body pressed against mine and I heard a voice whisper mocking compliments in my ear, about how my hair was beautiful and I got a message from the entity that he wanted to rape me. I’m not sure if that is possible.

This wasn’t my first encounter but it is definitely my most frightening. The thing that scared me the most was that my family are Chinese Buddhists so they got a monk to place pieces of paper around the house and cleanse the room so no spirits can enter. Does this mean they are weakening or did I just have sleep paralysis? I’m praying its the latter…




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