A Few Strange Occurrences


It was a beautiful warm day in sunny Florida. My husband, boyfriend at the time, and I decided to take a slow walk around the lake behind his house to have some time alone.

We made our way past the houses and into the trees. Standing next to the lake we listened to the bird and enjoyed the occasional light breeze. Suddenly it was silent. Not a chirp. I got a strange feeling from the tip of my toes and up. I looked over at my love and his eyes told me he felt the same. We were being watched. Slowly we turned around. About 50 feet away, tangled in vines and bushes, was an old tree that forked off into 2 sides very low to the ground. Staring at us from the V in the tree was a dark figure. It appeared to be a VERY large black man and he had no face! No eyes I could see or anything else! This man also had no shirt on. I couldn’t imagine how someone could have gotten through those vines to get back there. We stared at it for a few seconds and it felt like forever. Finally I asked my love if we should investigate. It was like my words snapped him into reality. He grabbed my arm firmly and started walking in the opposite direction. “Darling,” he said “NO WAY!”

I later found out he saw things like this from time to time. He didn’t like it at all. He wouldn’t talk about it with me for a long time. It was not our last encounter with the paranormal.

A few days later we watched a movie called Blare Witch Project. (I know, I know!) But we had not seen it before and decided to let ourselves really get into it. Back then I loved to write poetry and I had a book sitting on the dresser. It had been there for months. In the middle of a very exciting part of the movie, my poetry book flew off the dresser and hit the wall. Needless to say, we were considerably startled! The freakiest part was when we stood up to see if the book could have just been on the edge and decided to fall for some reason right then. We were shocked to find a square in the dust where the book had been laying flat (wasn’t the best housekeeper at the time), nowhere near the edge of the dresser.

Time went on and we moved in with his mother cause our first child was on the way. After she was born, I was changing her diaper in the nursery and kept seeing a black shadow, like a cat, crossing in front of the doorway. My mother-in-law would never allow a cat in her house due to allergies. Then it started appearing when I would walk out of the room and I would actually trip on the thing. On one such occasion I let out my frustrations by telling the little beast to stay out of the way. From down the hall I heard my mother-in-law say, “Did you trip over the cat?” Then she told me she saw it all the time.

A few more strange things have happened but these were the most memorable.





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