Who’s In My House?


There are too many things going on in my house right now to remember them all. So this story may be continued in other posts later on.

It started about two or so weeks ago. My friend B, who was the friend who join me in the creepy old house story awhile back was at my house again. Usually the weirdest things happen at my house when she is there. Things at don’t normally happen.

One thing was that she refused to sleep on my other sofa. To get the picture, I will try to tell how my living room looks. There are two sofas, one is facing toward the back wall, and the other is facing the side wall/the first sofa. The second sofa is up against the right side wall, and is right next to the small hallway that leads to the bathroom. That hallway is always dark (since there is no light in there) and I’ve always felt a little creeped sitting on that sofa, but I usually ignore it or sit on the other one.

So I understood when she asked if I could sleep on the sofa I was going to sleep on (it’s a two recliner sofa, so it wasn’t much of a problem). Well I went to sleep at about 9 (I’m really not good at staying up) and my friend went to back after the movie was over.

It was about 12 or so when she woke me up. I looked over at her, “What?” “I keep hearing noises!” She said. Well, it wasn’t out of the ordinary for noises to be heard in an 120 year old house. So I told her it was just the house, or mice and not to worry about it, and go to sleep.

“But, just listen. I keep hearing banging from upstairs.”

I believed her, and I knew she thought it was ghost or something, but I was trying to sleep, and I didn’t want to worry about it then.

So I grabbed her hand, and told her not to worry and I was going back to sleep (I’m really mean when I’m sleepy) but as I was about to go into the sleep state, I heard a really big bang from the ceiling in the corner of the room. If you were to look at the plan of the house, you would know that the spot where I heard the bang was about at the top landing of my stairs. I held B’s hand really tight, and whispered, “I heard that.” Then went to sleep.

In the morning, I asked if she still heard the banging after I fell back asleep. She said no not really. I told her I believed her, and but it’s not going to harm you at all.

It was then that she told me that she was beginning to think she was a conductor since every time she came to my house something weird ALWAYS happens. I don’t know, but I really believe her now.

I will post more about what’s happened after she left that night.


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