The Ghost Under The Bed


When I was younger, I used to live in a house that had 4 bedrooms. One for me, one for my grandparents, one for my mom, and the other was a spare room but since my “Great Grandma” used to stay over a lot, we named it “Great Grandma’s Room” (she passed away years before). For some ODD reason, my grandmother put all my clothes in a drawer in my great grandmother’s room. At the time I didn’t mind, I was young and the more space in my room, the better. Until one day…

My grandparents and I had just gotten back from the old country buffet. It was getting pretty late. As soon as I got home I ran into the bathroom. Then decided that I should maybe change my clothes and get ready for bed. I decided “Hey! Since the whole house is pitch black, I could walk and get my clothes naked”. I took all my clothes off and kicked them behind the bathroom door and proceeded down the hallway in the dark (to remind you its pitch black, no lights were on). I got to my great grandma’s room and reached around for the dresser. Trying to remember where everything was, counting the drawer handles to make sure I’m getting the right clothes- something caught my eye from under my great grandma’s bed.

I looked and the bed sheets that hang off the bed frame, were flickering and were curved just a little as if someone was peeking. I adjusted my vision. And I saw a glowing white pale face looking right at me. The bed sheets were moving because its hand was moving the sheets to peek at me. I screamed like no other, I flew straight out my house naked.

I had told my mother and grandparents what I had seen. They went back into the room and found nothing. There was nothing under the bed at all. The sheets weren’t even messed up.

I stood outside naked for at least one hour before going back inside. That was my first encounter out of many.


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