Witch On My Roof


Real Horror Story Of  Syed Khurram Tahir

 well 1st time when i was in matric or F.Sc, i had pet pigeons in the mumty of our house. one night my pigeons were very disturbing and i went on there to chk on them , then i sensed some intruder and went out on roof , some one there tried to hold me from behind and i grabbed that hand and flattened / patakhana that thing on the floor . that thing got up and said shah sahab its u. i saw a very pretty white and slim girl with black maxie type dress and long slender fingers . i thought that the same girl was some neighbour’s kid. so i asked her what she was doing there and she said i was humting for meal , i asked her to get away immediately from my area and never come in this area again or i will burn her , she said yes and just jumped like a frogon the roof of mumty and the jumped again and vanished . i then realized that this was not a girl but a daemon/churail, i suddenly recited kalima and durood sharif and ayat ul kursi , closed tightly the mumty door and came down , told my mom who recited a few ayats from quran to make a protective fortification around our house , and so it was done , i was a little scared later on but it was nothing as i recited ayat al kursi and ayat kareema before sleeping .

 then when we moved in the present house we live in i had to ask the family of these creatures to shift from the area to a nearby tree as now we were the legal occupants, the family head was a good thing and did as told and moved his family immediately . JINS.

then three recent citings of a churail in my office area but i think she is harm less , so we are allowing her to let her be .





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