Shadow in My Hallway


I am into trying to talk to people from my family who have passed.

One night I was happily sitting on my couch staring up the hallway into nothing. I said “nan if your up there do something please”. Almost as soon as I said that a floating black shadow like figure passed from my shower room into my parents room. I said once again, “if you’re there nan please do that again” and, of course, it happened again but this time it was a little faster. I freaked out and sat away from the hallway door.

Later that week I was telling my good mate about it, but being a minimal believer in ghosts he did not believe me. I went home with him and before my mate could tell my mum what I said I saw, my mum said “Shaun, I saw a dark shadow about the size of my mum (my nan) float from the shower into my room”.

It’s not scary, I am sure if anyone or anything was there – it comes in peace.


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