Me and Someone Else

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I have lived in this house for 5 years now and I do not like it one bit since a number of things have happened.

One day, around dinner time, my mum and dad went to go to the shops to get some things for dinner. I was in my bedroom which is next to my sisters’ room (my two sisters share a room whilst I have my own room). My middle sister was in the living room and my little sister put a movie on in her room and the TV kept on going loud, then soft and then it just kept getting louder. I told her to ‘shut up’ and turn the TV down – I was screaming out her name but she did not answer. I went to her room but she was not there! I turned the volume on the TV down and went to the living room looking for my youngest sister to yell at her about the TV, but instead I saw my middle sister there. I asked her if she has seen my little sister and she replied that she thought my little sister was in her room. I rang my mum to see if my little sister was with her and she was! My sister and I were so shocked we stayed in the living room until my parents came home, but they did not believe either of us, as they do not believe in the supernatural and think we are just imagining things.

My sister and I had another experience in my room one hot afternoon. There was no air conditioning going and my bedroom door was not open. My touch lamp start to go on brighter and brighter then off a few times and then this stopped and my dream catcher would full on move like crazy like someone was shaking it! I started to call for my mum to show her that it was real and my sister came in and she saw it all, but when my mum came it all stopped before she could see anything.

I have also had many events when I have been alone when something has happened. (I know this might sound a bit weird!)

One really hot night I was out of my blankets and was lying sidewards on my bed so that I had my TV and my door (which was open) in my line of sight. My sisters were asleep when I saw someone looking at their room from the hallway. I looked at him and he looked straight back at me and took a step toward my room, shook his head and walked away! I was really shocked, but managed to run after him – I quickly turned the corner he had just walked around and he was gone. I went to my dad (who was asleep) and asked him if he went past my room and he said no he was sleeping.

One time I was in the toilet and there was knocking on the floorboards (my house is up high, you can walk under the house and my two sisters would go under there and knock on the floorboards) so I knocked back because that is what my sister(s) and I do. We kept on knocking to each other and then the knocking stopped, I called out to them to knock back and then I called out their names, but they were in the living room watching TV. I got that scared after I realised I had been playing our knocking game with no-one that I made someone wait outside the door every time I went to the toilet for a while.

Another time I was in my room up late watching TV. My room is right next to the shower and it turned on, no one was up so I was brave enough (after a while) to go see if anyone was in there. The light was on in the bathroom I went to open the door and the water in the shower was running, but no one was there.

I also remember a time when I was feeling sick and I stayed home whilst mum was out for the whole day. I was hungry so I went into the kitchen to make something to eat. I was cooking something in the frying pan and I heard big running steps down the hall and I started crying from all the shock. I rang up my mum and she did not believe me. I then decided to go to my room with my food, but my touch lamp kept going on and off, I rang my mum again but she still did not believe me! I then went to the living room and just started singing and looking everywhere around the room to make sure nothing happened. The whole time I was doing this I felt like I was not alone and every time I stopped singing I would see something run past the door. I now make sure I am never home alone!

One morning I woke up from a very loud bang on the back door and it was as if someone was trying to get in! I went to the door, about to open it, thinking it was someone and every time I got close the banging went crazy so I got really scared and ran in to my parents room finding everyone was still in bed – including my sisters – so I got my dad up asking him if he can come with me to open the door because I was dead scared. I started crying from how scared I was so my dad came with me . We were heading to the back door, it was knocking, and he opened it and no one was there.

I hope we can leave this house soon. I do not like living here, but my parents do not believe me when I tell them about the supernatural things happening around the house, so I have to just live here – scared to death!




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