Little girl in cemetery


My boyfriend Jordan and I were parked up in the cemetery one night. It was probably 10 o’clock and we were just sitting hugging each other (not making out or anything disrespectful to the dead) and we both heard clear as day a small giggle, maybe a few yards away. I can still remember the sound. Jordan got ‘weirded’ out, and he wanted to roll up the window. I called him a baby, but did it anyway.

We laid back down so that we were long ways stretched across the truck (front seat, all connected seats, no armrests or anything.) Then I got kind of a funny, I guess, eerie feeling and just wanted to go home. We sat up and got ready to go, and he asked me why had I put my hand on the window, now he would have to clean it. Swear to God, I looked up, and from the outside of the window, it looked like someone had put a VERY small hand on the window, and pushed their face onto the glass. No distinct features or anything, just a small face and hand print. I know this is not some terrifying story, but it gave us the heebie-jeebies.


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