The Old Men


The very first things I remember is during my life in our old apartment in Incline Village near Lake Tahoe. Back then I had to share a room with my sister, and every few nights I would wake up and here this knocking on the door across the room. But, since it was always late at night I never woke up my older sister and ignored.

There was this one night though, I woke up to the door open and the light shining in. And I saw my sister go up to the door and ask “Hello?” Then I could see this tall man in this old 1920’s attire carrying a briefcase turn and look at her and smile and walk down the stairs towards the living room and kitchen. Then my sister shut the door and went to bed. The living room and kitchen areas were also the places everybody avoided, no one would watch TV, it was always colder there than anywhere else year round and it’d always feel as if someone was watching you angrily.

There was also other weird things about the place that, at the time, I just found confusing or cool because of my young age. The most common thing however was that… everyone in the family except my dad and brother would hear our names being called into a room, in the voice of someone else in the family, usually my mom or dad. Of course, there would be no one in the room the voice came from. And it either happened that, the person who called us wasn’t home or in a completely different room.

The thing that’s most vivid in my mind about that apartment is this one time I was playing with my toys on the small balcony out of my mom’s room. I was playing with my little Hunchback of Notre Dame Disney toys, then I said something along the lines of,”I’m bored. I wish someone would play with me.” As soon as I did that, my Captain Phoebus toy floated in front of me and onto the other end of the balcony and fell. I think I broke my arm a few days after that and my parents moved us out of that place.



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