The Blue Jumper


I always believed in ghosts, in fact I had seen a few as a youngster. However, as I grew older, I didn’t give them much thought and when someone mentioned seeing one, I was always interested but skeptical. 

Early in the year of 1998, my mother fell sick, it was very quick, one day she was here and healthy, the next, she was gone. I was distraught with grief, I was very close with my mum and not having her near by anymore made me go into a deep depression. I guess I just missed my mum. 

One day after getting home from work, I was so exhausted that I just needed to have a quick nap before getting dinner prepared. I fell asleep almost immediatly and had the most vivid dream that I have ever had. 

I was walking along the beach and in the distance I could make out a small lady sitting by the water, she had no socks or shoes on and she was letting the water trickle over her feet. She looked relaxed, yet happy. As I neared the woman, she became familiar, it was my mother. She was glowing with health. She stood up and raised her arms out to me. We embraced for what seemed a long while. I asked her, what was she doing here and she answered she didn’t have a long time to spend on the beach and just wanted me to know that she was doing OK. I could see she was holding some sort of package in her hand. It was wrapped in pink wrapping paper, with a large silver bow attached to it.

She told me it was time for her to go, we embraced for the last time. As she started to walk away from me, she held out the package and said. “I was so happy to see you that I almost forgot to give yo this”. She handed me the parcel and walked away. Her long hair was blowing in the breeze, she looked so peaceful. Then she just disappeared. I sat by the water in the exact position where my mother had sat. I opened the parcel, inside was a lovely light blue jumper, with the word ‘Love’ written across the bottom. 

I woke up and just started to cry. The dream had seemed so real, I remebered the smell of the beach, the fabric of the jumper, the touch of my mother. That same day, I recieved a package from my aunt who lived in a different state. On the card it said, “I saw this and just thought of you, hope it fits.” I tore open the parcel and there inside was the same, blue jumper with the word ‘Love’, written at the bottom. I couldn’t believe it! 

The dream I had WAS real and this beautiful blue jumper was a gift from my mother, that I shall chersih forever.


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