New Owner of our house dead in our/his Lounge Room By Ghost


I had recently moved with my family from NSW to come live in a new house in Ballarat, Victoria.

Our new house was great and had been renovated from a 1920’s cottage to a modern home.
My children (4, and 8) were really excited to move in. And this new town showed a lot of promise for my husband.

It was about 2 months before anything started happening. I was fast asleep one night after a long days work and woke up to some noises coming from the roof. It turned out to be a possum, but a few seconds after I woke up the lights flicked on. I thought it was just the ‘possum’, so I went and turned them off. Later on that night I woke again to my 8 year old screaming down the hall. Which was very unusual for him because he doesn’t get frightened by anything. I went out and grabbed him and brought him into my bedroom. My husband and I asked what the matter was. He said he had felt something breathing on him. I thought it was probably his sister pulling a prank on him. But when I asked him abut this he said that he could see her in her bed whilst it was breathing on him. So I grabbed my kids and we all slept in my bed.

A month later my 8 yr old said it happened again but this time he could see the ‘thing’s’ breathing on him reflected in his mirror, opposite his bed. He also said the breath was ice cold. So we decided to get rid of the mirror and move the kids into the spare room at the end of the house next to our bedroom, so that we could be closer.

After another month my 4 yr old who sleeps very deeply said he too had woken up to ‘breathing’. I was now very scared for my kids because we had moved them closer to us yet it still happened. And my husband became very protective of them. So we moved their beds into our room, because our room was large.

Another month passed and then one night I woke to hot breathing on my neck! I was terrified. I looked at my husband to see if it was him, but he was facing the other way! I began to cry and woke my husband. He was horrified to see me in such a state. We then decided to check the kids and wake them up to tell them what happened, so that we could decide what we wanted to do. We all decided that the ‘incidents’ only ever happened upstairs so we moved all of our beds into the office room down stairs.
Another long month later we were woken again, this time to a sound like really muffled laughing. My husband became really protective and demanded that me and the kids go and stay in a hotel for a couple of weeks. But I refused because I didn’t want to leave him there and he said he wouldn’t come with us. So we stuck it out for another month.

This next month no ‘breathing’ or laughing happened but I did wake up one morning to find one of my daughter’s Bratz doll sitting at the end of our bed with its head ripped of. That scared me and the kids but my husband said that it was better than creepy “breathing”. So we let it pass.
The next month was the month of my daughter’s birthday and she was dying for a kitten. So we bought her one. It was only a couple of days after we got it that it began to act strangely. It would circle the bath tub when our kids were having a bath, it would sit outside our door when we went to bed, it would scratch at random doors and when we went to close them it would suddenly stop. So I decided to look it up. Apparently cats are very prone to sensing paranormal activity and ghosts. So we decided to use the cat as extra protection!

The next month many things happened, the breathing , the laughing, toys being destroyed, the cat acting strangely, our lights not working, our water not working and then on the last night of the month I woke up to my daughter demanding to sleep in my bed because she had a nightmare. I quickly went back to sleep because I felt safe and protected with my husband holding me. But I woke up again to see my daughter further away from me on the bed, staring at me with a giant smile. I blinked and all of a sudden she was sleeping peacefully. I had no idea what had just happened but I was deeply disturbed and for once in my life I felt like I could vomit over my baby girl!

The next final month I was researching our house on the internet and through the town library I was horrified to find that my apparent cute little cottage used to be an isolation prison for the mentally insane and many people had died in my house. And they didn’t die normally they had been TORTURED! I was so scared for me and my family’s health once I knew that. Whenever I was alone I felt like someone was watching me.

A week after my discovery of the house’s dark history, my boy was digging for worms in the back yard one day when he found small bones. So we got them checked out and it turned out they were human. That shook me and the kids up a lot. A couple of days after that my daughter’s cat was put out one night by her. We don’t have any cat flaps or anything, but in the morning the cat was in our lounge room dead and completely bled out. My husband quickly cleaned it up because we didn’t want to hurt my daughter. My husband and I came up with the theory that it got hit by a car, came inside and bled to death. But we only came up with that to stop us wondering.

On our final days in the house my husband told me that he woke up to sounds like scratching and a rabbit dying. He said it wasn’t coming from the bedroom so he went to all the downstairs rooms in the house and finally the lounge room. He turned to the huge glass window and there was a grey figure pressing on the glass, blood running down its hands and its mouth. It was screaming in agony and its eyes were black. But then it was gone just bloody stains were left. My husband collapsed to the floor. That was enough for all of us. We quickly arranged for the house to be sold and in the meantime my family stayed in various hotels. We moved really far away to Perth, on the other side of Australia. We are know really happy and we made sure we bought and absolutely new house on an absolutely new block of land.

Tragically, about a month after our moving, we read in the news that the nice new owner of our house had been found dead in our/his lounge room. After this occurred a medium came to visit the house and had to leave straight away because there was such a vibe there. The medium demanded that the house and its grounds were destroyed and dug up.

I am extremely happy that I got my family out of that hell hole before that could have possibly happened to us!




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