My Father’s Death and the Hooded Figure



It was in April of 1990, I was sitting in a chair at home watching TV and doing homework. I felt something touch my right shoulder, I turned around to answer, but nothing was there. I looked around my room at the window, the wall and even my bed because I felt a definite tapping on my shoulder. Anyway, I heard my mom call me from another room. Sadly, she gave me bad news that my daddy had died. Imagine how shocked and hurt I was?

Years later I remembered that feeling of my daddy tapping my shoulder and thought that it was to let me know that he is saying goodbye.

After I graduated from high school, I started to live on my own next to my mom. After a few months I remember one night I was about to sleep. I love the dark when sleeping so it was very dark in my room. I saw something by my bed, near the window was a hooded figure. I just shuddered and pulled the covers over my head to hide as I didn’t know where it coming from.



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