Haunted Holiday House


My family has a holiday house in Philip Island where our whole family spends New Year’s Eve and the summer holidays. It’s a very old house I’m not sure how old exactly but it would be at least 90 years old. Before we bought the house it used to be a bed and breakfast guest house. The house has a big old kitchen, an open fire place in the lounge room, all of the rooms have different names there’s the blue room, yellow room, pink room, violet room, and the green room. There is also a big veranda at the front of the house.

Our parents love having fun telling us about all the ghost related stories in that house.

When we were really young my sister was sleeping in the pink room and she could not sleep so my mum went in with her. Mum said that she heard furniture moving on the veranda and she would look but no one was there. She said she felt like something was there with her and she woke up with a cold the next day. When my dad slept in the pink room he felt extra weight on top of him all night.

My mum and some of her friends went to the house for a weekend away during the winter holidays, mum immediately claimed the blue room as she did not want to sleep in the pink room. One of her friends decided to sleep in the pink my mum had not told her about any of the experiences. She also felt like something was there with her and that someone was moving furniture on the front veranda she would look and nothing was there, about five minutes later she would hear the same thing. She also woke up feeling sick.

My mum and my aunty Kelly decided to take us kids all down there during the winter holidays (the house is even eerier in winter). As always my mum claimed the rooms up the back end of the house. Kelly was sleeping with my cousins in the green room but was uncomfortable, so she went into the pink room looking for a better night’s sleep. A little while later she heard furniture moving on the front veranda but no one was there. She was still tired so she tried the violet room (which is next to the pink room) but the whole room was icy cold and she also felt extra weight on top of her. That same winter mum Kelly and their other sister went down. The first night they went out and the door was left wide open when they got home. The next night they went out and made sure they locked the door but when they got home they found the door left wide open.

When my grandpa’s sister came from Greece she slept up the back in the yellow room, where she heard footsteps all night. In the morning she said that she felt like someone was watching her. My uncle does not believe that our house is haunted; well at least he won’t admit it. Last year just before he went to bed he had to go to the toilet. After he went he flushed the toilet and then he saw a shadow touch his leg, he looked but there wasn’t any one there, a single chandelier started swinging back and forth and around 30 seconds later the toilet flushed by itself. This year he went to the toilet in the same room. He went back to bed and around five minutes later the tap was on full blast.

This year, as we are all older, we did not all fit in the pink room so only me, my sister and my cousin slept in there. We were already scared because we had heard stories about that room. We were all asleep and then I woke up and I started hearing furniture moving on the veranda, I was terrified but also excited as I had finally heard the ghost. I might have imagined it because I had heard a lot of stories about people’s experiences but it sounded so real. I just lied there really quietly and then around five minutes later I started to hear a “tick, tick, tick.” sound then five minutes after that the furniture moved again, I was really freaked out so I woke my sister up and it stopped.

A few weeks later we went back down to Philip Island. This time my sister and I slept in my mum’s room as we were too freaked to sleep in the pink room. My dad was supposed to come down that night. At around 12:30am we heard someone out the back trying to get in. We thought it was dad so mum sent him a text message asking where he was, he replied that he had just left Melbourne. We all just stared at each other speechless.

For some reason we all seem to think it’s a female, it’s just the feeling we get. Hopefully next time we go down I won’t be as scared. I have accepted the idea that we are not the only ones in that house.



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