Pets After Death

(This Is My Mano & I  Miss It  Alot It Dead 6 Aprial 2011).



My daughter gave me a Tom cat that was roaming the streets, that she decided to rescue, I named him Tom, he came to me a little scruffy but he was adorable. He was a great cat and kept me company.

After 11 years, Tom died from liver failure in his favourite chair in the sunroom. My family had a small burial service for him in our front yard. I was going to miss my Tom greatly.

A week later, we were having a BBQ for Australia Day, we had most of the family there and a few friends. My grandaughter rushed outside to me with great excitement. “Grandma, Tom is sleeping in the sunroom!”

I thought, it must be her imagination. I followed her to the sunroom and Tom was laying there in his favourite chair, he was curled up and purring. I couldn’t believe my eyes, I walked over and knelt down beside him, I started to pat him and he disappeared. Myself and grandaughter both saw this happen so I knew I wasn’t go nuts!

Somehow I don’t think Tom ever left us at all, only in body but his spirit remains with the ones he loved.


In the summer of 1984, I was 14 years old and I got my first puppy. It was given to me by my grandmother. I named my puppy ‘Shadow’ as she was always by my side everywhere I went. She was a mixture of a Kelpie and a labrador and every inch adorable.

She stayed with me while I ascended into adulthood and when I moved out of home, she came with me. She was there as I married and had two children of my own. She loved the kids and would wrap her paws around them like she was giving them a cuddle.

She died on a Tuesday, Carey, my eldest son found her laying outside in the sun, it was too late to save her, the poison from the snake had already done it’s damage.

I was heartbroken, I had lost my best buddy, my loss for her was so deep, I could not control my grief for months. I just missed my girl to the deepest part of my being.

One summer’s night, I was restless in bed, it was so hot, I kicked all the covers off and tried to fall back to sleep, I felt something heavy jump on my bed, as if an animal had jumped up and was laying next to me, I then felt like the animal snuggled up around my left leg, I felt fur and a large head lay on my leg. I lay so still, not wanting to move, I knew it was Shadow and I didn’t want her to leave. I fell asleep comforted by the fact she was there with me.

The next morning when I awoke, I fely a lot calmer than I had in months, my grief began to lift and for the first time in months I was happy. I know it Shadow came to visit that night to let me know, she lived on after death and was ok.


In the early 90’s I had a cat named Finny, I was very attached to Finny, I had him for six years, he was loving and affectionate and would follow me everywhere, he would come and sit on my lap and sleep at the foot of my bed. At dinner time, he would come and nudge his head on my leg to let me know he wanted food.

One morning after I let Finny outside, my neighbour ran across to me and told me Finny had been hit by a car. Heartbroken, I buried Finny in my back yard.

Later that night when I got into bed, I felt Finny jump up and get comfortable at the foot of the bed. Even my husband felt Finny’s presence. I think this was Finny’s way of letting me know he was alright in the animal afterlife.


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