The Room With the Mirror


Ok, this was way back when my brother died about 2 months ago.

We had his room set up and we were wating for my mom to come home from the hospital. My mom came home crying and sobbing and we asked her what was wrong. She had said that baby Dana (my brother) had went to heaven.

I slept in what was supposed to be his room and it had a mirror in the room and something was looking at me in the mirror. It was a girl with blood all down her face and in her hair and then I saw a picture of my mom and dad that I had in my room and then she grabbed the picture and split it in two. I was so scared that I tried to go unlock the door and it did not budge. I screamed and she seemed to be laughing and smiling and she scratched me with her hand that has nails so long they could go through your head!

I still have the scratches today as proof and I had never been in that room since, but my sister went in there and when I went to go find her I looked in the room and she was dead on the floor. We have now moved to Iowa and we left everything in that room just the way it was and no one has been there since……..



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