Ghost in Ballam Park Homestead


On a Good Friday in the 1980’s I had my wedding photos taken at Ballam Park Homestead. The day was lovely and being Good Friday nobody was at the Homestead. We had a horse and carriage on the day which the driver pulled up to the Front of the house for our wedding photos. After our photos were taken we then left and went to our wedding reception.

After about two weeks our wedding photographer telephoned us to say that there was something unusual in our photos and that it was a ghost. Being a non believer in this I told him he had been drinking. We then went to see him and there it was a female in the top window of the house.

On further investigation of the photos we found that he had the speed on one photo per second. The photos show that there is nothing in the window and then she appears and then disappears all the the space of the one second interval. When looking at the negatives she is as clear and you and I but when the photo is printed she appears in the haze.

She has her hair drawn back and and high neck collar on. Behind her you can see the blind slats that have been pulled down. On investigation of the house to find a logical explaination I believe the figure to be Anne Dawson who used to put the light in the window to guide ships across the bay from Port Melbourne to Frankston as this used to be the highest point in Frankston. On further investigation we compared an old photo of Anne with the photo we have and they have exactly the same figure when we super-imposed them over eac h other. We then sent out photos to Kodak America to be verified as actual ghost photos. They told us that you can doctor a photo but not a negative.

We believe that Anne came out to shine the light due to our wedding was the only one that had pulled the horse and carriage to the actual front of the house and not the back as usual.




One response to “Ghost in Ballam Park Homestead

  1. I remember that, I was about 7 years old at the time and there was an article in the local newspaper. My brother took me to the homestead tour and asked the guide ladies about the ghost in the photo. They became very angry and defensive, like they were covering something up. I would love to see that photo!

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