The Warning


It was Christmas Eve, 2007, I drove down the Hume Hwy heading from Victoria to NSW, trying to make it in time for Christmas with my family who lived in Wagga Wagga, NSW.
It was twilight and I was about an two or so hours away from home. 
Suddenly out of nowhere a hand appeared on my shoulder, I jumped so high, it was a wonder I didn’t have an accident right there and then! I heard my mother’s voice whisper in my ear, “Ben slow down, there is an accident up ahead”.
Now this story wouldn’t be so interesting, if my mother was actually sitting in the back of my car and told me to slow down, but the fact is, my mother had died a few months prior.
I turned my head to look at her, but she was gone. I thought maybe I was just tired and was hallucinating but nevertheless I slowed the car down.
A few kilometres up the road a truck had tipped over and was blocking the whole road, if I had continued driving at the speed I was travellign at, I would not have stopped in time and would have crashed head on into the truck.
This warning saved my life and it came from my deceased mother!




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