The Storm


As a child I loved the storms we had in tropical Qeensland, on the weekends and after school, if there was a storm, I was out playing in it. The roar of the thunder and flashes of lightening excited me to no end. 

One Sunday afternoon, we had such a storm, I was 11 years old and playing out in the rain with my brother and next door neighbour. The thunder was so loud it felt as if it was shaking the ground which where we stood. The rain began to pour down, so my brother, my friend and I all took shelter under a big tree. 

Out of nowhere, this man dressed in a long black trench coat stood only feet away from us, I couldn’t see his face properly, to me it looked kind of blurry. He scared us a little, so we decided to move from where we were stationed under that tree and go and sit on the porch of my house, which was directly opposite to where we were. As soon as we arrived at the porch, there was a huge loud band and a jolt of lightening came down.

The lightening had struck the tree, the same tree we had been standing under not even 10 seconds earlier. If we had not have moved, we wold have been dead! The man had also disappeared.

I would like to believe he was some sort of Guardian Angel, who came and saved us that day.




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