The Phantom Train



Written by Gabrielle, Burwood, Victoria
When a good friend of mine committed suicide I was devastated, he was my boyfriends best friend and his death shook us all. A few months after his death, a couple of friends and I decided to go to the train tracks and lay down some flowers, exactly where the teain took his life.
We left for the tracks after midnight, as the last trains operated to around midnight, so we could walk up the tracks to the bend safely, without getting hit by a train.

After we arrived, we started to walk the couple of minutes it would take along the train tracks to the bend where our friend got hit. As soon as we got near the bend, we saw the familiar sight of train lights in the distance, we could hear it coming along the track. It was strange since it was about 1am and all trains had stopped operating! We ran up the embankment to safety, and sat and waited for the train to pass. It never passed.

The three of us came to the conclusion, that we had just imagined it and started again on our journey to the bend. As soon as we started walking, the train lights came charging around the corner and near the bend where we where heading, there was no mistaking it this time, it was closer and louder. We once again ran up the embankment and waited for the train to pass. Again, it never passed.

Now we definitely knew, something wasn’t right – we were seeing a phantom train everytime we got to a particular spot on the tracks. Where we were was a hot spot for suicides and at least 1 person a week would take their life at that spot, was this their way and our friends way of telling us that maybe there was something bad there and to stay away?

We decided to give walking along the tracks one more try, but once again the same thing happened, this time with the train even closer! For the last time, we ran up the embakment knowing the train was never going to pass us. We all heard the roar of the train and it even tooted it’s horn. A gush of strong wind brushed pass us, it made our hair blow back off our faces!

This spooked us, we now just wanted to get out of there. We ran as fast as we could back to my car and I drove us to my place.

I have gone back in the day time and laid flowers down, but not on the tracks – on the embankment where me and my friends had our experience. All three of us experienced the phantom train, none of us have ever dared to go back there at night.


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