Haunted HOuse








1980 My parents got divorced when I was 2. My mom and I moved into a house with her sister, Carol (divorced as well). It was an old white farmhouse with a silo and barn they rented from a local doctor in Huntingburg. It was located on Old Huntingburg Road. Most of the “phenomenon” that happened there, happened to my Mom.

It first started off with little things would be missing, like hairbrushes, the phonebook, stuff like that. There was also a room upstairs that every once in a while there will be a puddle of water on the floor. It wouldn’t have been raining, my diaper didn’t leak, and we had no animals. It was also hardwood floor. Never left a watermark.

There was one night when Mom and I were sleeping. Aunt Carol worked 2nd shift and when she came home around 11pm, Mom heard her come in, do her thing, and went to her room. Minutes later the kitchen light came on (Mom’s and my room was on the ground floor and she could see the light from our room). Then the doors and drawers started opening and shutting, like someone was looking for something. Mom was getting mad cause she didn’t want her to wake me up. She was about to get up when it stopped and the light went out. Next morning Carol asked Mom “what the hell she was looking for last night”. Mom was like “ME? I thought it was you?”

My Aunt Carol always had an explanation for everything that went on in that house. She couldn’t explain this one. One day she was talking on the phone and water started coming out of the receiver, she looked up at the ceiling. No water. She even took the phone apart. Couldn’t figure that one out.

Another time Mom and I were in the house, we were upstairs and Mom was doing something when she heard a loud “BANG” from downstairs. Back in the day, workers were blasting for coal or ore and sometimes it would shake the house. So Mom figured that’s what is was and a picture fell off the wall. So she went downstairs, looked around, didn’t see anything so back upstairs she went. Happened again “BANG”, so back down she went, looked around and this time heard it again, “BANG” coming from upstairs. Well I was still up there, so she ran upstairs, grabbed me and we left. We came back later when Carol was home. Mom would tell her what happened and Carol wouldn’t believe her and blew it off.

The very last night we stayed there we were all sleeping. Mom woke up around 1am to the sound of someone breathing beside her. She would listen and listen. She would hold her breath and could hear me in my crib breathing, but still heard this slow in and out breathing right beside her. Mom says she knows the expression “scared stiff”. The only thing she could move was her eyes to see the time. As she lay there she drifted off to sleep. When she woke up it was light outside, she packed up our stuff and found a different place to live that same day.

It wasn’t long after that Carol moved out. Mom never said anything about what happened cause she didn’t want people to think she was crazy, until one night.

Mom worked in the ER at the time and one night a guy that she knew came in. Apparently he came home drunk that night, got into it with the ol’ lady and she beat the crap out of him. That’s why he was there. While Mom was looking at his chart she noticed they lived in that house. When she got into the room it was just him, so she nonchalantly started talking about that house. Said she used to live there and stuff. Then she asked him if anything weird happened there. Mom said he sat up straight and said “I hear them all the damn time! Up there banging around, I’ll run up there with a baseball bat and then they’ll stop” Mom then knew she wasn’t crazy.

We need to fastforward about 10 years…

I was around 15 when Mom took me out there. It was on a Friday or Saturday night. Mom and my Stepdad had some friends over at the house, drinkin, having a good time, when somehow the subject got brought up. Mom never told this other couple this story, let alone my Stepdad and when she finished they all wanted to go see it. So I and my parents, the other couple, their 3 kids and their dog headed out. On the way there my Stepdad was telling Mom it wasn’t true, quit freakin out the kids. He didn’t believe in ghosts…yet. When we got there the house had been abandoned. The grass was up to our knees and of course it was dark. When we got inside I was freakin, but Mom was like taking my hand and giving me the tour “this was our room, and this was the kitchen, look at the beautiful bay windows” stuff like that… I was thinking “thats great Mom, can we leave now”?

While we were there nothing really happened, we didn’t hear anything, see anything and the dog they brought wasn’t acting weird, but there was a closet door right when you walk in the back door that wouldn’t open. The guys were trying like crazy to open that door. They kicked and pulled and pushed and the thing would not open. Someone asked Mom what was behind that door she says she couldn’t remember. We were getting ready to leave and couldn’t find my Stepdad, so we started calling his name. Here he comes out of the house with a weird look on his face. We get in the car and leave. When we got back to the house, the guys started talking about that door again. They were adamant on wanting to see what was on the other side. Then my Stepdad told them what happened…

When we were at the house my Stepdad said he heard something like a sweeping sound coming from upstairs. He thought one of the other guys were up there so he was going to go up and scare them. While walking up he heard it again. When he was up there that’s when he heard all of us yelling for him. Thats when he thought to himself “shiat I’m the only one up here” So headed back out.

When we pulled up and walked up to the back door, guess what… That closet door stood wide open! It was just a closet with nothing but packets of Ramen noodles and some old records. The guys, minus my Stepdad, went in the house. Nothing happened so we went home. When we got home Mom noticed that someone brought with us those waltz records. Mom freaked out thinking something was going to come home with them, but nothing did. I actually have those records and played them. Nothing happens.

It was my senior year, Mom begins telling me that the local fire dept is holding some fire training at the “house”. She said when they are done they’re going to just burn the whole thing down and she wanted to go watch. So we drove and parked about 200 yards away, great view. Then they set it on fire. I don’t know if this was just my mind playing tricks on me, but Mom pointed it out. When the fire reached the second floor, really strange looking smoke came out of the front window. Its was long and black, like, I can’t explain it just weird looking.

So anywho the house burnt down, the silo and barn still stand, and someone built a brand new house there. One time Mom did some research on that property. Wanting to know who, why, how? Here is a couple conclusions and just some freak accidents. And they all happened within a square mile of this house.

1. The old man who originally lived there was struck and killed by a passing car on his way to get the mail.

2. A neighbor boy was killed by falling down a silo while playing with his brother

3. A man was crushed to death when the jacks gave way and his car fell on top of him. (happened on that short curve right past Fed Ex)

4. A motorcyclist driving too fast lost control on the railroad tracks and died.

5. Suicide? Not paying attention? A man who worked at Farbest Foods walked right in front of the train when it passed one day

6. And the best one of all… The house was built on Indian burial grounds.

Thank you for reading. I’ve been wanting to share this for a while, but could never find the time. Oh yeah, one last thing: Mom ran into one of the neighbors on that road. Actually he would be the closet neighbor. To make a long story short, he told Mom to never tell that story to his wife, cause they’re hearing noises in their basement since that house burnt down…


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