Pam Took This Picture








My name is Pam, and my daughter Carmyn and her friends visited a local cemetery about 4 mos ago, and “invited” the ghosts to come out. They then took a picture and saw this attached photo. They ran to the car and took another picture…which I will try and find, and they thought that the “ghost ” was in it and followed them.

So….just the other day,my daughters aunt is trying to get a psychic reading party together for my daughters 16th bday, and her friends. The psychic, who my sister in law knows, said sure, she would do it. However, today she called and said, “no way”. She said when contemplating the party later at her house, she kept feeling like she was being attacked by raging spirits. Said they were surrounding her. She went to two other girls houses who were going to be helping her with the reading, and they confirmed the bad energy. She asked if my daughter and her friends were always getting in trouble. She said she sees these demonic energy’s around them and they are headed down bad paths. My sister in law did not take it too seriously and said, come on, please will ya do it? And, the psychic said, “no way, those girls are in trouble with the spirits”.

Wanted to share the picture with you and see what your opinion was, and ….what would that psychic mean by all that. Please contact me back, since I am quite a bit concerned, because my daughters behavior has been being very erratic and more violent and compulsive and impulsive lately. Very hateful.. more so than the normal teen, and very hard to deal with . Lots of turmoil.

Thanks.. Pam… below is the picture…


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