Jane Churm Fire Girl Ghost






Here is a very well known ghost photograph taken in 1995 which contains a girl in the doorway in front of a blazing fire. The building is the Wem town hall of Shropshire, England. This picture was taken from the other side of the street. The girl was not seen at the time that the photograph was taken and was only noticed after the picture was developed.

No bodies were discovered in the burned out structure nor was anyone reported as missing. However, according to the local folklore a girl by the name of Jane Churm had burned down the town hall building in 1677 when she accidentally dropped a burning candle. The ghost of this young girl has been reported to haunt the Wem town hall building since that fire.

Could this be the ghost of Jane Churm captured in this photograph? Is it possible that this ghost had something to do with the fire? Post your comments below.



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