Ghosts at the Crescent Hotel Basement

The first thing we do when we arrive in Eureka Springs is getdirections to this fabulous hotel. As we drive into theparking lot, I can already tell this is going to be an adventure. I grab my digital camera (with extra batteries) and start taking pictures.

We planned to take the “Ghost Tour” that night, but when we started to sign up, ‘something’ told me to wait, do this tour the ‘next’ night instead. So we went for a carriage ride that night, outside the Crescent Hotel. The ride was fun, breezy and very informative. (We were told a lot about the history of Eureka Springs). When our ride was over, we tried taking some pictures, but they were coming out blurry.

When I started looking through the pics on my camera later that night, I discovered something. There was ‘someone’ else in the pictures. Right behind/above my daughter was am image of a man. The carriage driverhad handed my daughter her dog for the pictures. The dog (a Yorkie) kept looking up and around my daughters head, as if he saw something that we couldn’t see.



Well, we took the tour the next night. At the end of the tour, the last place they take you is the ‘basement’, or what used to be the ‘morgue’. I took a picture in one of the rooms down there. In the picture there is a man standing by the wall, watching me. Other people on the tour with us looked at my picture and all had goose bumps and were ready to leave … ASAP!


At the end of the Ghost Tour at the Crescent Hotel, I walked into one of the rooms in the basement and took some pictures. After looking at the FIRST picture I took with my digital camera, I thought I heard someone (a man’s voice) ask “Who are you?”

That was kind of scary, because I was in that room alone for the first few minutes.

After we got home from our trip to Eureka Springs, I awoke in the middle of the night to find the blanket I keep on the end of my bed on the other side of the room, on the floor. Okay, maybe someone came home with us?


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