Ghostly Figure In The Mist

I wanted to share our story with you, which spans over a decade, and began to write it but find that it is still too hard to dwell on how bad things became. It was a living nightmare, which devastated our family and we are still nursing our eldest son. He is recovering but is still far from well.

FYI: The farmhouse was steeped in history, but whether we did something to cause what it became or whether it was some kind of focus, I do not know. We were a normal, particularly close professional family and I think that it was because of our love for one another that we managed to cope for as long as we did.

There was, or seemed to be, more than one ghost, we saw different manifestations, some reacted to us and some didn’t, but the one we feared most never looked human. I saw it first, a hooded figure with hellish eyes but although these things were never discussed with our two sons (ages six and eight when we moved there) it turned out that my eldest son had been seeing different apparitions, too. But it was the hooded figure that plagued him. Independently, he described exactly the same thing as I had seen. He was positive that it was not a ghost of a person.

As I said in my first email, we thought that when we moved things would get better, but it followed my son to university and by the time we realized what was happening, he was so terrified, he could no longer function. He was seen by psychiatrists, psychologists and medical doctors and it was deemed that apart from a reactive depression, he did not have a mental health problem. He was not psychotic, schizophrenic, epileptic or anything else which may have caused him to see and hear things that weren’t real, nor were drugs involved. Their only answer was to give him anti-depressants, which made him ill to the point they had to be stopped.

He wasn’t the only one in the family to suffer depression as a result of everything we have gone through. In fact, it is only my younger son, who has not had to be given treatment.

Anomalies started to show up in photographs here once my elder son was home, as well as other phenomenon which we thought had ended. Given time, I will go through our photographs and try to write a more detailed account of all this.

The photographs were taken in January of 2008. My husband went out in the garden to try to photograph a full moon, without much success. The firstphotograph shows how clear the night was. The second one speaks for itself. My husband says there was absolutely nothing there and then suddenly something white and big came out of nowhere and lunged at him. He snapped off a picture and fled in doors.


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