Crescent Hotel offers ghosts galore in Eureka

The Crescent Hotel in Eureka Springs, AR, boasts more than its fair share of spectral guests who refuse to leave, even long after their tenure on this earth is done. There are four ghosts who have been observed by staff and guests alike and their sightings are well documented over an extended period of time. These include Michael, a Irish stone mason who died in a construction accident in 1886 when the hotel was being built; a nurse who is seen pushing a gurney on the second floor; a young woman who is thought to have committed suicide; and a man in formal dress. 
Michael is associated with Room 218, supposedly because he fell from the roof into that room where he died. It’s considered a particularly active room, with many unexplained sounds, sightings, and EVPs.  He’s also been observed walking through the hotel grounds. The nurse apparently dates from the late 1930s/early 1940s, when the hotel functioned as a hospital for a few years.  Nothing more is known about her. From 1910-1930, the hotel served as a school for young women during the off-season. The young lady who committed suicide is thought to have jumped from the roof or upper balcony and is considered to be from that time period. There have been rumors that this particular student may have been pushed, making it murder rather than suicide. Either explanation could account for a residual or intelligent haunting. The man in formal dress, complete with top hat, is occasionally seen in the lobby. There are other reports of a group of people at a table in a corner of the Crystal Dining Room, being served and enjoying themselves. These reports always happen at a time when the dining room is closed.
Mike Stephen recently stayed at the Crescent Hotel and sent these photos (thanks, Mike!) The first, taken on the second floor, shows a tour group and an interesting image at the end of the hall. The second is that same hallway four hours later with the image still visible. The last photo (from the third floor) appears to show a shadow, although I think that this one can be easily explained by the overall blurry effect. But maybe not…
I’ve sent these photos to Mr. D, R.I.P. Science Advisor/Photography Expert, for his analysis and will post his comments next week. By the way, Mike reports that he stayed overnight in Room 218 and heard odd noises. He says that these odd noises – cracks and pops, for example – are audible when played back on a recorder left running in the room.  
Nestled in the beautiful Ozarks, the town of Eureka Springs is like stepping back in time, but the hotel itself has every modern amenity, including a luxurious spa for total relaxation. The Crescent Hotel loves their ghosts and offers everything from ghost tours to seminars to resident mediums. Take a look at  these photos from their website!  I think that, even without a “spirited” encounter, I’d love to spend a weekend here, especially in autumn. 
So, what do you think of Mike’s photos from the Crescent Hotel? Paranormal or not?
Can you spot the image of a woman at the end of the hallway?

Can you spot the image of a woman at the end of the hallway?

Here she is again, in a photo taken several hours later.

Here she is again, in a photo taken several hours later.

Shadow person or merely a blurry photo?

Shadow person or merely a blurry photo?


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