The Red Brick House

When I was 11 years old we moved into a rather large red brick house. We hadn’t lived there very long before we started feeling uneasy. These feelings were at night. My mother began to worry a lot at bedtime. She would make me, my younger brother and sister sleep in the same room with her.

My little sister Cindy would do a lot of talking in her sleep, when my mother would try to wake her she would say she was not asleep and she was talking to someone who we did not know.One night I woke up because Cindy was talking agatn. She was on her knees on the side of the bed trying to open the window. I woke my mom and when she asked her what she was doing Cindy replied that “They” only want to come in. We did not see anyone we were scared. Several other strange things occured while we lived in that farm house. We had moved in just before the school year began in September and ws were moved out by the first week in December of the same year.




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