Pentridge Prison Investigation

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The RGS team got invited to take a private ghost investigation of Melbourne ’s old Pentridge gaol site. To get a place like this to ourselves with its rich and violent history was an honour.

We arrived there at 10pm , it was pitch black and we needed our torches. We got taken to H-Division, which was used to house violent offenders and contained the gallows. As soon as we stepped foot in there the energy was heavy, dull and sad.

My camera had brand new batteries in it, and before I even took my first shot, my batteries went dead as a doornail! So a change of batteries was first in order.

We were led up the narrow corridors where cell doors were open to look in and explore. The cells were tiny, you could understand why so many men went crazy in there!

The man who was giving us the tour, knew his history very well and told us many interesting stories. It added to the already spooky nature of the place.

I was taking photos of places where I could feel energy present, however, I didn’t get a photo of the “spirit” I saw walk up the cold iron stairs. We all felt we were being followed and on a few more occasions in H-Division we saw and heard ‘Spirits’ around us.

Being clairaudient as well as clairvoyant, I could hear residual spirits conveying conversations over and over. One man was speaking to another telling him, that someone by the name of ‘Joe’ was a dog. I mentioned this to our tour man and he told me that the term ‘dog’ was jail-speak for an informer!

Our next location was remand section. Remand was a very busy place for spirits and I could see them roaming the quarters aimlessly. Some took an interest in what we were doing, others did not. Next to Remand were two solitary confinement cells stood, the first one I entered a spirit was cowering in the corner, he was more afraid of us than anyone being afraid of him. I asked him his name and he told me his name was James but liked to be called Jamie, he told me how he was not coming out of there as he thought he was going to be taken to the gallows. The man had been in there so long, he was afraid to step foot out of solitary! The room felt so sad, even the most un-empathic person could have felt the energy in that room. Jamie was a lost soul who refused to go to the higher realm where he would be in comfort, what happened to him inside those prisons walls has terrified him when he was in living and he carried this into death. He wouldn’t take my help to move him forward, so I had to leave him in there.

As I went into the next solitary confinement the atmosphere changed dramatically, the spirit in this room was not a nice one at all. We all felt the oppressive energy. The energy in that room nearly made me pass out and he liked to touch my hair and tell me vulgar things. This ghost wouldn’t give me his name or tell me anything about himself, what he did tell me was to get the f**k out of there and not come back!

The next building we entered was F-Division, the oldest standing building on the site. As we walked through there I started seeing young girls about the age of 13-17. This had me a little confused as I thought the place had always been a men’s prison! Our tour guide told me that what I was seeing was not to be confused as in the early years of the prison it was once used as a teenage girls’ reformatory. In that large room, I felt sadness once again, the energy was a bit brighter than H-Division but not by much. I also felt despair, torture. I felt the girls had been raped by the guards. I saw one ‘spirit teenager’ carrying her baby around crying hysterically. Then out of nowhere loud banging noises from upstairs began to happen, at first we all thought it was just the wind on the roof, but the bangs started to become rhythmic and there was hardly a breeze blowing outside.

We followed the noise up the stairs, and when we entered it went quiet for around five minutes, then it started to happen again right next to us. Along with the constant banging noises, another noise emerged, it was a rapping on a pipe, but not ordinary rapping like a plumbing problem, this was a rhythmic rapping – like da da ta da da. Dave managed to capture this on a voice recorder. I caught the mischievous little girl who was holding a stick in her hand making this rapping sound behind where we stood. When we asked her to do it again, she stopped and walked away. However, the loud thuds that we first heard continued.

Whilst still upstairs I started to get impressions of men wearing brown shirts. I asked our tour guide if any of the guards ever wore brown shirts, he was taken aback and asked me “How did I know that?” He then went on to tell us that it was a little known fact that the guards did indeed wear brown shirts back in the late 1800’s and they became to be known as “Brown shirts”.

Upstairs was also the shower rooms and toilets, as I walked in there I felt like I was intruding and wanted to walk straight back out. I didn’t walk out, instead I walked to the toilet cubicle where I could hear a lady crying. As I entered I saw a lady huddled up on the floor with blood over her face, this woman had been bashed and raped and wanted to be left alone. I tried talking to her, but she didn’t want me there.

We explored the rest of what remained of Pentridge, the official grave site, more solitary confinement cells and played up in the last remaining guard tower.

We walked out of the gaol at 3am , exhausted. We had taken over 300 photos, numerous EVP’s and video footage. It was time to go home.

This was one experience we shall not forget and it may be the last time anyone will be able to explore the old Pentridge prison site as the whole place is being transformed into a shopping and housing complex. It is sad that such a place with so much history will be largely lost as it undergoes its re-formation.


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