Dad Rang

In 1984 my father suddenly passed away, I wasn’t there with him and felt guilty for some time after. My father didn’t believe in an afterlife, he believed once you were dead, that was it. I had somewhat the same beliefs and never gave much thought to what happens after you die.

Late in 1986 I had to visit my hometown for business, and thought while I was there I was going to the cemetery and visit dad. When I arrived it was late and I was disappointed that I didn’t have time that evening to get to the cemetery.

As I turned in for the night, I had the most vivid and strangest dreams about my father, I dreamt he was standing in front of me with a white glow around him, he looked years younger and very strong. He told me “Don’t feel guilty son, I love you” I woke with sweat pouring off me, but somewhat feeling an air of lightness.

Later that day, I finally got to the cemetery and had a long visit with my father, as I was getting ready to leave, my mobile phone rang. When I answered it, the call sounded like it was coming from sound distance away, there was a lot of crackling and interruption, however, I could just make out the voice saying “It’s ok” it was my dad!



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