Cranbourne Road House Investigation

We did a private investigation at a house in Frankston. Everyone who has ever lived there has been haunted . The longest a tenant has ever stayed in that house was for 10 months. When we investigated, the house had fallen in to disrepair as it had been boarded up, electricity and gas were disconnected and it had been used by homeless youth as a place to sleep and use drugs. Since our investigation, the house has been demolished to make way for a medical centre.

What we found was very interesting.

As you walk into the house, straight away you feel a heaviness in the air. The house is not large , but no matter where you walked, you felt dread and sorrow.

When you walked through the front door, you were in a long hallway – off this hallway was all the bedrooms, lounge room, kitchen bathroom and laundry and back door. Next to the front door, was the smallest bedroom. As you walked in there, it felt like someone was constantly breathing down your back – the room was also freezing cold. It was a room that everyone we had spoken to had had experiences.

On the two nights we spent there, we experienced paranormal things in this room. We left a chair in the corner, and besides my team – no one else was in the house. When we came back to this room, the chair sat in the middle of the room. The team was accounted for the whole time and we had set a motion sensor in the door so we knew no one had entered that room. We were disappointed that we did not catch this on film, but we had only two hand-held cameras and no power in the house

The second bedroom we entered was freezing. No amount of warm clothing could make us feel warm in there! We experienced our names being whispered and called out loud. We felt someone touch us on our arms, one member of our team had her hair tugged. I got massive headaches in this room, but the minute I left the room, the headache would go.

Across from the second bedroom, was the lounge room. This room was small with only one small window. So this made it more dull and dark than the other rooms. In here, our electronic equipment would malfunction. Batteries were drained, equipment turned on and off and video images were garbled. You could also hear what sounded like a woman moaning in agony.

One of the strangest occurrences I would like to mention while we were investigating was knocking at the front door – even if someone stood at the front door this would happen. There was no getting away from it! Funnily enough this knocking was not recorded on any of our recording devices, video or audio.

In the kitchen, there were reports that the taps would go on and off by themselves and that if you put down your keys on the kitchen table or any other personal item, by the time you went to get it, it would be missing and you would find your items in odd places, like the fridge or freezer, even in the higher kitchen cupboards. We could not test the kitchen taps, due to the water being disconnected, but we tested the kitchen table incidents by using different sets of keys belonging to different team members. There seemed to be some form of intelligence behind this haunting as it selected only a couple of the team members to hide things from. For example, my husband’s keys were left undisturbed, however, I personally had my keys go missing almost every time I placed them on the kitchen table.

According to eyewitness accounts, the third bedroom was full of activity with objects frequently moving about in the room. According to one account a previous tenant of the house witnessed a large painting come off the wall and get thrown by an unseen force across the room. Unfortunately, we did not capture any of this activity on video or audio in the two days we were at the premises.

The laundry and bathroom, were uncomfortable places to be in. Each team member felt claustrophobic in these rooms, like someone was with you at all times and would watch whatever you were doing.

Even the large backyard was not free of spirit activity! Out here, we would get touched and feel dread.

Once off the property, some of us felt angry, upset and even a little confused. It took an hour or so for us to feel back to normal after being at that property!



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