The Man with no Head!

I never used to believe in Ghosts, but something happened to me that quickly changed my mind.

My wife, I and three children moved into a standard 3 bedroom house in Mulgrave, Victoria when our youngest daughter was one year old. At first my wife and I made a bit of fun of the house because it looked like we had stepped back into the era of the 70’s.

We purchased a trampoline for the kids, which we placed in the backyard, if I stood in the kitchen, I could see it directly. One day while I was making coffee, I could see the tramploine denting, like someone was jumping on it, however, no one was there! This continued for around 15 minutes. I went outside, stodd next to it and could find no logical explanation as to why the trampoline kept denting and indenting. I quickly shrugged the thought off and went back inside and forgot about the incident.

A few months later I was in the kitchen once again, my ‘son’ was standing next to me but with his back to me, he was wearing a bright red T-shirt and grey pants. I was asking him about his day at school and he wouldn’t answer me, he just walked away. Wondering why my son wouldn’t answer my questions and just walk away, I went to his bedroom not five seconds after he walked away from me. When I entered his bedroom, he was sitting at his desk, still in his school uniform. I asked him why had he not answered me in the kitchen, he assured me he was not in the kitchen. I didn’t really believe him, so I asked him, why did he put his school uniform back on, he informed he had not yet had time to change out of his school uniform. I walked away confused and thought it must have just been my imagination in the kitchen, my mind was just playing tricks on me!

One night my wife, her brother and I were sitting in the loungeroom watching T.V, when we heard someone walking in the kitchen with big heavy boots on. I thought we might have an intruder since noone else was home at the time. I ran to the kitchen, my wife and her brother right behind me, but when we reached the kitchen we could still hear the fottsteps loud and clear however, noone was there!!! My wife then went to tell me about all her experiences so far in the house, she had seen the little boy whom I thought was my son, she had even seen him plain as day jumping on the trampoline. She had seen what she thought were solid shadow men walk in and out of our bedroom and she had also heard the footsteps before.

I still was not totally convinced that my house was haunted until one night as I watched T.V in the bedroom, my wife and I both saw a man walk in, he was very skinny and bony, however, the much more odd thing about this man was that he was carrying his own head! He walked in our bedroom and straight through my wifes dressing table. This is when I knew for certain that ghosts did indeed exist. I have been a very firm believer ever since.

We moved out not long after that incident and I sometimes wonder if that house is now haun ting it’s current tennants?


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