The House on Cranbourne

After I had my first baby, my father, brother, myself and newborn son, moved into small house in the suburb of Frankston, Victoria. As soon as I walked into the house, I felt ‘something’ other than us was in the house.

At first items like keys, would go missing from where we put them and hours later end back where we first placed them or in strange places like the freezer. All of also experienced hearing our names called out, when no-one was around. At night when I layed my head on my pillow, I could hear many voices whispering in my ear! My father also experienced this.

As the days grew into months, the occurences became a part of everyday life and it also got worse.

The cross I had on my night stand would be turned upside down every morning when I awoke. Putrid smells were coming from rooms and then leaving minutes later. My fathers paintings flew across the room on their own accord. Rapping at the door became frequent with no one at the door. Other doors in the house would open and close by them selves and sometimes slam.

One day, my father and I were standing in the kitchen having a cup of tea when out of no where we heard a lady moaning and groaning like she was in angony – the sound seemed to be coming from inside the ceiling. My father climbed into the ceiling but nothing was up there and nothing had been disturbed.

One day my fathers friend was over at the house, she was scared of nothing, we all went out and she was at the house alone. When we arrived home, the front door was wide open and my fathers friend was nowhere to be found. We later found out that she had heard the moaning of the woman and ran out of the house.

After that something new began to happen, every morning at 3am, the house would come alight and the t.v and stereo would come on at full blast. Nothing we did could stop this, not even unplugging all the electrical equipment in the house.

Things for me were getting out of hand and I needed to move myself and my son out of that home. However, before we could leave we had three more experiences. The first instance was when I woke in the middle of the night to get a drink, as I stepped out of the kitchen and entered the loungeroom, I saw three men standing there in coat tails and top hats. One of them turned at looked straight at me and gave me a nasty look like I disturbed some deep conversation they were having. To say I was scared is an understatement!!

The second incident was one where I was not present. My father and his mate were watching a video in the loungeroom, a black shadow started to form in front of them into the shape of a human, it stayed black and had no features. This ‘thing’ glided between the two men and floated straight through the wall behind them. My fathers mate, got up and left straight away and never came back to the house!

The third and final incident happened when I was at the hospital visiting a friend. My father and brother was left home on their own. My father went into my bedroom to borrow something, he noticed when he walked in that my bedroom was neat and tidy. About an hour later, they could hear things smashing and crashing in my room. My father ran into my bedroom to see what the commotion was about. When he enetered, all my drawers were pulled out, clothes thrown everywhere, all the contents on my dressing table had been knocked to the floor, my room was a complete mess. No-one had broken in and I had not returned home.

Soon after my son and I moved out of that house, my father followed a few months later.


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