The Flat

At 16 I was ready to move out of home, my sister then 19, wanted me to move in with her, but she only had a one bedroom unit. I stayed with her and slept on the couch until we found a two bedroom flat in the heart of St Kilda. The perfect location as it was within walking distance to my work at the cake shop in Acland St.

I believed in ghosts as I had a few experiences as a child, but it had been a long time since I had thought of those memories. I was too busy to be interested in ghosts at 16.

The flat my sister and I shared was small but I loved it, we had double glass doors that led to the balcony where I tried my luck at growing some plants. My sister and I tried to make that little flat as homely as we could.

My sister who was a chef in training at the time, loved to throw dinner parties, we would often have 12 or more friends over at one time having magnificent dinner parties that my sister took all day to prepare. One such evening we had over 6 friends, we were having a great time but out of the blue a plate leviated on it’s own and smashed to the floor. We were all dumbfounded to say the least, we didn’t have a clue what would make a plate levitate and smash on it own accord! We tried as best as we could to put that incident away, and nothing else happened for months.

One day my boyfriend and I were snuggling on the couch watching a video. I heard my name being called out from the kitchen, I could see the kitchen from where I was laying and no one was there. I heard my name get called again, this time louder and my boyfriend heard it too. We looked around the little flat but of course no one was there, we were alone. When we sat back down on the couch again, my name started to get called again. It was a female voice who sounded like she had been a heavy smoker for 40 or so years. This scared me and that night I went and stayed at my boyfriends house.

A few weeks later my sister was throwing another dinner party, this was just a small group of four. She had made a roast pork that night, with all the trimming and roast vegetables. As we were eating we heard the voice that was calling my name weeks back say angrily “Get Away” we just looked at each other, not knowing what to do, we really didn’t have time to react as pieces of pork started to get thrown around the kitchen on it’s own. Then came the loud banging on the wall. We didn’t stick around to see what else was going to happen.

A month later my sister moved in with a friend of hers and I moved in with my boyfriend. I don’t know what previously happened in that little flat, but whatever happened there, left an imprint forever!


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