The Entity














Divorcee and mother of three Carla Moran experiences poltergeist phenomena which terrorize her and smash up her house. The poltergeist even takes control of her car out of her hands and then repeatedly rapes her. Her psychologist disbelieves her story, convincing her it is repression due to her religious upbringing. But then she meets two parapsychological investigators who succeed in photographing the entity and then set up an experiment to try and trap it.



The Entity is based on true events that happened to Carlotta Moran in the 1970’s. A single mother with three children, Carla was continuesly raped and tormented by an unseen force. According to the film Carla and her children left their home in California where these attacks took place and moved to Texas, where the rapes and torture continued to happen.

Actor David Labiosa who played Carla’s son in the movie broke his arm during a scene where he tried to ward of the ghostly attack to his mum while she was getting raped. This is also allegedly what happened to the real life son during a similar incident.

Most of us will remember the movie entitled THE ENITY, but how much of it was true? Actually, most of it… Well maybe not the ending… Carlotta Moran now probably in her 60s apparently still reports such anomalies. The physical attacks don’t take place anymore, however, this particular case has become known world wide and its generally down to one particular investigator. That man was Kerry Gaynor, a parapsychologist from Los Angeles who specialised in the study of hauntings and poltergeist infestations. He stumbled on this spectacular investigation whilst visiting a book store.


Kerry Gaynor explains…

It was 1974 when Gaynor began to investigate the Culver City, California, haunting. “At the time I had a colleague named Barry Taff,” said Gaynor. ‘We were working under the auspices of Dr. Thelma Moss, but Barry and I did most of the research on this case.” Gaynor notes that Moss was a prominent UCLA parapsychologist who is now retired.

Gaynor and Taff made an appointment with the woman from the bookstore to discuss her case. Gaynor said the first time they visited the woman they conducted a two-hour interview. But Gaynor knew that she was holding something back. I kept pushing her,” said Gaynor. “Finally she said that a ghost had raped and beat her.

‘We laughed when we left her home, and I thought she was probably off her rocker. But she called me back a few days later and said that several people visiting her had seen an apparition, and this is what we’re always looking for independent verification of the phenomena.

The Entity case was to become one of the most famous in paranormal research history. It was so well-documented, in fact that a movie was made about it. The 1983 film The Entity starred Barbara Hershey and was loosely based on the Culver City haunting. Gaynor and Taff served as technical advisors on the film.

“There were actually three apparitions according to her account,” Gaynor stated. “Two would hold the woman down and the third would rape, her. It was horrible. She would call me in the middle of the night screaming, and I would go over there and she would be all beaten up. She had black and blue marks all over her body.” But Gaynor never witnessed the attacks nor saw the apparitions in solid form.

Gaynor said, however, that he and several of his colleagues did witness the formation of a full-figured apparition. ‘We saw the head take shape and then the shoulders. The light extended down to the ground until it became a full humanoid figure of greenish-white light. Then it just vanished, almost as if somebody pulled the plug. It didn’t fade away. It just vanished. Everybody was completely in awe and silent as we watched this happen.

Taff adds, “After the apparition disappeared, two young men assisting our investigation passed out and had to be carried from the room.”

The woman was attacked about 15 times during the ten-week investigation. “But she got stronger,” said Gaynor. “And she was able to realise that she wasn’t crazy and that there really was something going on. She got stronger, and in my opinion, she outlasted it.”

The woman moved five times, but the attacking entity followed her. She eventually moved further away. “As she moved,” Gaynor said, “the phenomena diminished, and after about two years the attacks stopped altogether,”


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