The Boy

As a teenager, my father, his girlfriend and I lived in an old house in Mt Eliza. My eldest sister is psychic and when she visited, she did not like a the hallway and had visions of a little boy being murdered there. What I didn’t tell my sister is that I also had the same visions about that hallway, the feeling of it was horrible, if I had to go to my bedroom, I would run as fast as I could down the hallway and to my room. I noticed my dog and cat also avoided that hallway, they almost never came down to any of the bedrooms.


One night I was home alone and playing a video game in my room, I could hear a faint crying sound. I turned down my game and the crying became louder and louder, it sounded like it was coming from my father’s bedroom. Very quietly, I went to my father’s room, slowly opened the door, I could still hear the crying as clear as day now, but nothing was in there. I did notice the room was freezing cold. I quickly shut the door and bolted back to my bedroom, I jumped into bed and put the covers over my head until my father and his girlfriend returned home.


From the loungeroom, the hallway was in full view, my father noticed something in the shadows near the end of the hallway laying on the floor, he said it looked like a small child. As he drew closer to whatever was laying on the floor, it disappeared right before his eyes.

My father eventually heard the crying coming from his bedroom, and when he investigated he also found nothing, but could still hear the crying from his room loud and clear.

One night in winter, we had the fire going in the fireplace, we were all sitting around and talking. The bookshelf was not far from where we were sitting and out of the blue a huge thick book flew off the shelf and landed on the floor just feet away from my father. My dad was not new to ghosts and haunted houses, he had seen many ghosts and lived in many haunted houses, so what was happening didn’t really bother him.

I was home alone in the middle of a bright summers day, I was sitting in the loungeroom reading a book, when I heard in the kitchen like someone doing the dishes. I could hear the water, the dishes getting cleaned and placed on the rack. Then it sounded like “they” dropped a dish and smashed to the ground. That was it for me, I stood up but I wasn’t going to run out the front door because that was right next to the kitchen, I couldn’t make it to the back door because I had to run past the kitchen to get there, I couldn’t run up the hallway to my bedroom because the kitchen is in full view from the hallway. The only place I could run was onto the balcony, so that’s where I ran. I was stuck on the balcony because it was too high to climb down on to solid ground, so I was stuck there still hearing all the commotion going on in the kitchen. I stayed there for hours until my father got home.

I was glad when the lease ran out and we had to move, although our new house is also haunted – which is another story in itself.


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