Bradley’s Lane

The house in Bradley’s Lane, Warrandyte had a reputation for being haunted, so when it came up for rent again for the 6th time in two years, I went for it. I thought it would be an adventure living in a Haunted house, I wanted to see ghosts and ghouls and I wanted to know if the stories I heard were real.

I moved in on a Wednesday on my own, I was so excited. The large 3 bedroom house was perfect for me, as I worked from home. I had my four cats, Steeple, Monty, Cleopatra and Susie to keep me company and although a little anxious about the house, nothing seemed out of the ordinary. I had been there two weeks and was still settling in, I had gone to bed and Monty was alseep at the foot of my bed. At around 4am, Monty starting hissing, which woke me up. I turned on my night lamp and saw all his fur was standing up and he was hissing at something I couldn’t see. I wasn’t scared, I was excited, this was why I moved into this house to “see” a ghost! Monty’s eyes followed whatever he could see around the room, fur was still standing and he was ready for attack.

I got out of bed and walked around my room, it was a summer’s night, however, where I was walking was freezing cold. I had read about cold spots and knew my ghost was in the room with me. Monty eventually took off out of the bedroom and when I tried to coax him back in, he wouldn’t have a bar of it, he would not step foot in my bedroom. A little dissapointed I didn’t see the ghost, I went back to bed.

Two night later, I was up late chatting on my computer, Cleopatra was sitting on my lap, Monty was down by my feet, Susie was sleeping on the chair beside me and Steeple my oldest cat, was snoozing on the couch. I heard a loud crash that sounded like it came from the kitchen, from where I was sitting at my desk I had full view of the kitchen, nothing had fallen. By now the cats were all awake, Monty took off to another room, Cleopatra’s fur was sprung as was Susie’s. Steeple was still sleeping soundly on the couch. Susie started to hiss, Cleopatra darted to another room. I followed Susie’s eyes and walked over to where she was staring, once again it was freezing cold. The cold spots were good but not exciting enough for me. I challenged my ghost to do something, I told him he wasn’t a very good ghost if all he could do were cold spots. I now regret ever challenging my ghost. Almost immediately, the kitchen started to shake, only the kitchen, no other room was shaking! I got slammed into the wall and plates and glasses started to fall off the shelves and smash to the ground. An invisible hand slapped me across the cheek, it was so hard, it left a red mark. I wasn’t so excited about my ghost anymore. I stumbled my way to the bathroom and washed my face, I hoped my ghost was not going to touch me again. For the first time since I had moved into the house, I felt scared. When all seemed calm, I went and cleaned the kitchen, then went to bed still shaken. I wasn’t in bed for long, as my bed started to violently shake. I thought “What the?” and started to get images from the movie “The Exorcist” I jumped off my bed while it was still shaking, quickly packed an overnight bag and drove to the nearest motel for the rest of the night.

These incidents had shaken me, but unfortunately didn’t shake me enough to look for different accomodation!

When I arrived home the next day, the house was calm but something stank, it smelt like raw sewrage in my house! I searched everywhere for this stench and when the smell wouldn’t leave, I called a plumber. The plumber came and couldn’t find anything to be making that smell. While he was at the house with me, we both heard someone laugh right next to where we were standing, and just like that, the smell disappeared. The plumber almost ran out of the house, he couldn’t get his payment fast enough.

Over the next few nights, the lights would go on and off by them selves, the T.V would change channels on it’s own, loud thumping on the walls and doors slamming on their own started to be a regular occurrence. Sometimes when I woke in the mornings, I would have red marks on my arms and legs, like someone had grabbed me tightly and wouldn’t let go.

Most mornings I was so tired because of all the activity that happened during the night. I lost interest in my work, which in turn lost me money. I was constantly tired and lethargic. I couldn’t be bothered even going food shopping. I knew I had to leave, I couldn’t stay at the house and be tormented night after night. I had to go.

I soon found another home to rent and gladly left Bradley’s lane. I would never want to live in another haunted house ever again, I think now I must have had rocks in my head to want to go and live in a haunted house in the first place!


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