The Wedding Guest

The ceremony was finished and it was time for the reception, it had been a wonderful and exciting day, and so far nothing had gone wrong on my wedding day. When it came time for the speeches, my father did an excellent job, I was so proud of him. As happy as I felt, there was also a pang of unhappiness. My dearest mother died only four months before, she was looking forward to the wedding and she wanted to dance, but she couldn’t hold on and in the end the cancer won.

I looked over to where my father was sitting and saw the sadness in his eyes too, at the seat next to him is where my mother was to have sat! He had taken her death particually hard, they had been married for over forty years, and were teenage sweethearts. He was lost without his soulmate next to him in life, but as true to my dad’s form, he soldiered on and put us four children before himself.

Later in the night when I was dancing with my dad, I could see someone sitting in his seat smiling, I tried to get a better look at who was there, and to my astonishment, the person stood up with a beaming smile and clapping. It was my mother, she got her wish and attended my wedding after all.

It was a night I shall never forget, I got to see my mother in full health and happy. A beautiful moment.


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