Spirit of the Ferry

When visiting Tasmania, we usually just caught the plane over as it was quicker and less expensive, but our last holiday there, we decided to go by the ferry and take our car.

We boarded the Spirit of Tasmania and got settled into our cabin. We had a porthole, so we could see the ocean as we sailed across the Bass Strait to Tasmania. After taking a quick shower and putting on something comfortable for the nights sailing, my husband and I headed for dinner.

It was a beautiful night, we ate dinner while watching the waters we sailed on. After dinner, we explored the ship and went out and got some fresh air on the deck. Around 10:30pm, I was tired and just wanted to go to bed, my husband however, wanted to have a few more drinks at the bar. So I left my husband and went back to the cabin on my own.

I opened the door to the cabin and to my shock, there was a lady in her 30’s, standing by the porthole watching the pitch blackness of water. She did not turn around when I entered, she just stood there! Her hair was very long, auburn and wavy, it hung around her waist. She wore a black duffle coat done up, blue jeans and black boots. I couldn’t see her face because of the way she was standing.

I asked her, why was she in my cabin but she never responded, she never acknowledged I was even there, I hadn’t disturbed her in the least, me on the other hand was shaking, I realised that this woman was completely see-through! I left the cabin and ran around the ship searching for my husband, when I found him and explained what had happened in the cabin, of course he thought I had gone mad! We went back to the cabin together and when I entered this time, the woman was gone, no where to be seen.

I never saw this woman again and often wondered why she was there in the cabin.


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