Hospital Ghost

You hear about hospitals being haunted because of all the people who take their last breath there, but I never really believed they were “Haunted” just energised – if that makes sense?

Last June (2009) my son was in hospital due to having appendicitis, I was there day and night with him, as he was only three years old! I was not thinking about the ‘hospital ghosts’ that roamed the spooky dim lit hallways, all that was on my mind was my son recovering and coming back home.

It wasn’t too late, only around 7pm, my son had fallen asleep and I was in desperate need of a coffee. I made my way down to the ground floor to the coffee vending machine and waited while the machine made me a quick latte.

I arrived back at the lift to go to the fourth floor and someone else was waiting for the same lift. The man was around 50 years old, he wore an outdated blue suit, his shirt had a massive collar, I thought maybe he was stuck in the 70’s era, and had a small chuckle to myself!

We stepped into the lift, he didn’t push any buttons. I pushed the button for the fourth floor, he just stood there very still, with his back slightly turned from me. As I exited when we arrived at the fourth floor, he stayed in the carriage and continued to where ever he was going.

I started to walk down the hallway that led back to my son’s room, when out of nowhere, the man in the blue suit was about a foot a head of me walking in the same direction! I knew he had not gotten off the lift when I had and had no explanation as to how he ended up walking in front of me! What even startled me more, was when the elderly gentleman walked along side of the mirrors that were placed on the hospital walls – he had no reflection! This was not possible, I started to think of all the old vampire movies, where they are not meant to have a reflection and a shiver went down my spine.

He walked straight ahead and turned the corner at the end of the hallway.

I never saw the man again, but I do wonder if he was some type of ghostly apparition roaming the hospital hallways!


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