Greg, it’s Really You?

I was the biggest skeptic known to my circle of friends. If anyone ever encounted a ‘Ghost story’ to me, or told me they had seen a ‘ghost’ I told them it was a load of rubbish, I didn’t believe a word of it and had no room in my life for suck garbage! I made no apologies for my dis-belief and did not know why people made up such fabrications.

My girlfriend, Lisa, was right into the “New Age” era, attended a psychic circle once a week, I couldn’t understand why she would waste her money on this, but she explained to me it had opened up a whole different world for her, if she was happy then I was happy. The only rule she had, was that I was to keep my opinions to myself around her, which suited me just fine.

One week, Lisa’s psychic group wanted their attendants to bring along a friend. She begged me to go with her, just so she could prove to me that it was not rubbish, I only agreed to go so I could prove to her that it was a load of rubbish. We had a deal.



When we arrived, we got ushered into a large office type of room. The chairs sat in a semi circle, and the head honcho psychic sat at the front of this semi circle. Everyone there was female, I felt a bit out of place being the only male! But I was determined to prove to these woman that what they were doing was nuts.

We sat down and the head honcho psychic, made us do some sort of ‘opening up’ meditation. I let myself go with it and although the meditation made me feel a little more relaxed, it did not ‘open’ me up to anything! People in the group started to give other people short readings, the recipients were excited to get the reading and some even cried when they got told their loved one was with them. I sat there bored, rolling my eyes that such people could be so naïve and gullable!

The head honcho psychic asked if she could please read for me, I told her “Sure, but you will be wasting your time, as I don’t believe a word of this mumbo jumbo, I was only here to support Lisa”

This didn’t deter the psychic one bit and told me welcomed skeptisism. She said for me, she was going to do something special, she got out her Tarot cards. I looked at Lisa and rolled my eyes, she giggled because she knew damn well how I felt about Tarot cards, crystal balls or any sort of junk, that was meant to tell the future.

I had to shuffle these cards, pull out five of them and put them face down on the table. I did so. As the psychic, flipped over each card and started to tell my life story in front of a bunch of strangers, I asked her who had told her such intimate details of my life, some of the things the psychic was saying, even Lisa didn’t know! The Head honcho psychic, told me her ‘guides’ were telling her this information along with the teenage boy standing next to me. My face went white, I felt a little ill, she could not know about Greg, my 19 year old brother who committed suicide 25 years beforehand! Head Honcho psychic, described Greg’s every detail, she went to describe also in great detail how he killed himself. I didn’t want to hear more, but I couldn’t turn away, I was glued to my seat, tears welled in my eyes. I was drawn in like all these other gullable people. I was now the sucker!

When the reading had finished, I couldn’t get out of there fast enough. Lisa had to say her quick goodbyes and run out after me. She wanted to talk about what had just happened, I wanted to put it at the back of my mind and never speak about it ever again. We reamined silent on the trip home. I couldn’t understand how this head honcho knew all these details about my life and about Greg, to me it just didn’t make sense. She must have been a well trained mind reader, magician or maybe she researched my family background from somewhere, maybe she did this to all the people who attended her psychic circles!

As Lisa and I sat in the study later that night, a form started to take shape right in front of me and Lisa. I looked at Lisa and said “What the Hell????” The form outlined the shape of a person and soon this person started to take form in that of my brother Greg. Then he spoke.

“ I am real Brett, believe it is me, I am always here” – with that he faded away. I could not believe it, I was doumbfounded, shocked, bewildered to say in the least. Lisa was witness to what had just happened. She was excited, I was very much the opposite.

To now cut a long story short, three years later, I am now the Head Honcho psychic of my own psychic group, I practice yoga, have spiritualist camps and I live my life by “New age” and I am now the biggest believer of Ghosts amongst my friends.


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