Camping Ghost







The night was pitch black, the stars were out in the millions. The tent was pitched, the bonfire was lit. It was the perfect setting for ghost stories and scaring our friends. We roasted our marsmallows, and was delighted with the gooey centre. Yum. We made the damper and set it under ground. This was going to be a great camping weekend.

After we ate and told our fictional ghost stories, we got settled in our tents, ready for bed. It had already been a long day, my head just needed to hit the pillow. (Or dirt ground in this case).

I wasn’t long before I fell into a deep sleep, at 3am, I got woken up by my boyfriend’s loud snoring.

As I poked and prodded him to shut the hell up so I could go back to sleep, his snoring just got louder! In defeat, I got up and went out by the bonfire, and made myself a cup of tea.

I sat and drank my tea, and noticed a young woman looking at me from behind the tree next to my friends tent. I called out to her and invited her to sit with me. She looked petrified, like something had just happened to her or she saw something that was not meant to be seen.

She came and sat with me, I made her a cup of tea and attempted to make conversation with this girl. She told me her name was Michelle, she and her friends used to camp out here often, she was 23 years old and trying to make her way home because she didn’t know where her friends were, she was confused as to why they had just packed up and left without her.

Any other conversation I tried to make with her, just didn’t happen, I guess she wasn’t really a conversing girl!

She was still sitting with me at 4:30am, I made her another cup of tea and she thanked me for being kind to her. I asked her if she wanted me to make up a bed for her so she could get some much needed sleep, I told her she could stay with us until Sunday, and my boyfriend and I would drive her home. She thanked me for my offer and accepted. I went and made her a bed with my spare sleeping bad and blankets in my sisters tent, as my sister was in there alone.

I made my way back to where Michelle was seated, she was so close to the bonfire, I cautioned her that she was a little close but she ignorned me, and kept staring into the dancing flames. Odd, I thought, but each to their own. She continued to stare into the flames for a good 15 minutes. Then she stood up, declared she was tired and going to bed. I watched her get into my sisters tent. Where I was sitting, I was facing the tent and could see anyone that went in or out. By this stage I was wide awake, I had no desire for sleep. I read my book by the bonfire light until dawn broke. My sister, was the first out of bed, she came and sat next to me, made herself a cup of coffee and speared some bread to make toast. She asked me why was there a spare sleeping bag in her tent, she said it looked like someone else had slept in it. I told her about Michelle, and also explained that I had been sitting here the whole time, there was no way Michelle could have sneaked out and gotten out of that tent without me seeing her, I would have heard the zip to the tent straight away too!! Where had Michelle gone? How did she get away without me seeing her? I was thoroughly confused!

As the rest of the gang started to get out of bed, I told them about Michelle. After breakfast we all went together in search for her. I was worried about her, she couldn’t get home as her friends had left without her, she had no money on her, she looked like she was in shock for some reason and she was barefoot.

We neared another lot of campers, and I asked the lady who was sitting in her camp chair about Michelle. The lady nearly fell over in her chair, the other campers that were with her, quickly huddled around her and tried to comfort her. One of the men asked what the hell was I doing saying stuff about Michelle to her? Ok, now I was completely confused.

I explained I was not trying to hurt anyone, just wanted to find this girl because I was worried about her.

As the lady in the camp chair, calmed herself, she explained to me that it couldn’t have been Michelle, that I had tea with or conversed with, as two years earler Michelle, her boyfriend and her boyfriends friends were camping where we were staying. The males had gotten drunk, they gang raped and murdered her, she was found in a shallow grave near our camp site. That weekend, was the anniversary of her death and that was why her sister (lady in camp chair) and friends were out there that weekend. I had chills go up and down my spine.

When we got back to my camp, my boyfriend and I packed our stuff and got out of there. This experience had really freaked me out, I needed to get away from there as fast as possible.


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