List of Haunted Places in New Jersey 2

Absecon – Pitney House – Late at night, as the only visitors when staying in a private cottage of this B&B, a soft song could be heard playing on a fife (a flute like instrument).  No one else was on this property that night, not even the owner or caretaker.

Atco – Multiplex – Strange noise can be heard in theater 12 as if someone is moving their hands across the wall and voice can be heard.

Allamuchy – Shades of Death – is the actual name of a road located in, New Jersey. It is said that if you drive down there late at night, and you enter into a patch of fog on the road, it will follow you and you will find footprints on your car…human footprints.

Allamuchy – Ghost Lake –
 Ghost Lake is located on Shades of Death Road in Allamuchy Township the local legends vary – but the prevailing theme is that there was an Indian Graveyard there and settlers built a man made lake over the graveyard. At night the Indians haunt the area – even we (locals) stay away. Plus there are MANY bear families there so be careful.

Alpine – Devil’s Tower – It is said to be, that a long time ago, during the 1900′s though, a man was building a “tower” tall enough so that his wife could see the New York Skyline. While it was being built, the wife went up to the top floor, as she came down, she saw her husband with another woman! She ran back up to the top, and jumped out. There is a myth, if you circle the tower, 8 times or something, something is supposed to happen. Nobody has been able to complete it.

Ancora – Veterans haven – Veterans haven is right next to bayside prison ward and Ancora mental institution. It was once a town the psychiatric hospital made for patients to all live together, many of the patients murdered each other, and the most of them are old veterans from the war. Eventually, so many killings took place they just shut the whole town down. It has a lot of paranormal activity and the streetlights are still left on through out the little deserted ghost town.

Atlantic City – Taj Mahal – it is said that man jumped from the tenth floor of the garage and haunts that area every night around midnight

Bay Head – The Greenville Hotel/Restaurant –
 Over the years many employees have experienced many things from ghosts physically appearing (looking very much like a live person) and walking down the hall and disappearing, to the sounds of children playing in the lobby late at night. One employee even reported falling asleep on the couch in the lobby and awaking to the sounds of kids playing in front of them. He saw glimpses of them as well. There are sounds of moving furniture in unoccupied rooms, sounds of people walking down the hall but “no one is there”, the sense that someone is standing behind you, but “no one is there”. Guests report hearing children run down the halls laughing in the middle of the night, but there are never any live children doing that. In fact it is rare that children stay there.

Bayonne – Bayonne High School – The now auditorium of the high school used to be the Jr high section. It’s been said that a boy around 14 hung himself from the stairwell, also it’s been said he was pushed and broke his neck but anyway. If you go there just before school season begins you will see a boy opening the doors to the auditorium with school books in his hands. Also on many nights that the high school has put on plays there is a boy in the back of the room just watching.

Bayonne – Elco Naval Base – This was a World War Two Factory active to make P.T. Boats after the war a lot of people lost the jobs. During the war a boat fell off a conveyer belt and crushed 2 men. And now the little girl is seen some times looking for her father and her father is still yell for her. Over and over. Never to be seen again but forever heard!

Bayonne – Robbins Reef Yacht Club – The gentleman who haunts this location was said to have hung himself in an unstairs bedroom. If you enter the room in the dark, a cold icy feeling passes over your skin. In addition, bottles have been seen “jumping” off the ledges in the back of the bar, not breaking, and if replaced on the ledge, will again leave the spot to land on the floor.

Bayville – Admiral Farragoes – There is said to be screams coming from the old building every night around 12:00 am.

Bellmawr – Ethel M. Burke – In room 115 there is a room and a sign that says forbidden keep out  there is a legend and if you put your hands on the mirror in the second floor girls bathroom and count to ten the mirror will fog up.

Bergen County – Little Ferry – Old Protestant Church – The ghost of a man who was shot inside the church is seen peeking out the front doors late at night.

Bernardsville – Bernardsville Public Library – was The Parker home and has a strange history of sightings as well as a very mysterious historical past.

Bernardsville – Long Rd. – Devil’s Tree – Turn onto Long Rd, (which is really short) then make a left at the end, you will come upon a highly wooded area and then it just opens up into a field. At the end of the field there is a huge hideous looking tree with a branch that extends perfectly parallel to the ground. It is said that the tree was used to hang slaves on and still has a chilling aura to it. You can see marks on the trunk from people attempting to chop it down, they say whoever tries, something bad happens to and sometimes a pickup truck will try to chase you out. In the Summer that tree is in full bloom and actually quite lovely. In the Winter or Fall however, it is creepy looking. The axe marks on the tree are from years of kids hearing the legend of the tree and what would happen if you tried to cut it down. Supposedly if you try to cut it down the devil in a black pick up truck will come and chase you away, once you drive down the road a bit the truck just vanishes. It’s an Urban Legend that gets featured in Weird NJ magazine all the time. Please get permission before you visit this property, otherwise you are trespassing and could get arrested.

Blackwood – Jefferson Hall at Camden County College – This structure used to be a monastery before becoming a learning institution. It is said that a residing monk hanged himself on the third floor of this building. Security guards of the college have reported hearing footsteps thumping down the hall of the third floor. They often avoid interior patrol.

Boonton – Darress Theater – It was closed for many years and was finally bought and used for children’s theater (like Snow White, etc.) and they also show movies there at night, too. The people that are there late at night say they hear voices, footsteps and the chair seats move. There have also been reports of singing coming from the theater when everyone has gone home for the night.

Boonton – The Grave Yard on Green Street – It is said that if you go to the grave yard at exactly 12:00 you will see a grave stone glow.

Bordentown – Missionary – 
Strange anomalies on film have been recorded.

Browns Mills – Mount Misery – Freezing cold spots. Mist. It’s all woods with dirt winding roads that never end. There’s a cross in the middle of nowhere. Witnesses report that there were cars behind them then they disappeared out of nowhere like they weren’t even there, sick feelings & apparitions of a woman. The cross is not in the middle of nowhere. It is part of the Green Cathedral. People get married and children are christened there. It is a place of worship for the staff & campers during the summer – as well as other guests throughout the year. There is an arch on the ball field with a cross on it. If you go down the steps there are benches to sit on an altar.

Browns Mills – Redfeather Trail – Supposedly there is a man that walks Redfeather Trail every night that sings a song and when you look at him he disappears into the night.

Burlington – Burlington County Prison – cell 5 on the 3rd floor is haunted by Joseph Clough who spent his last days chained in this cell.

Burlington – Doane Academy – St. Mary’s Hall – This school was founded in 1837 as a boarding school. Over the years students and staff have reported seeing balls of light float along most of the hallways, footsteps following them from the 3rd floor of Scarborough Hall, doors on that floor opening and closing on their own, and the lights in that hallway turning on and off on their own. In the Chapel people have reported seeing and hearing little children signing and feeling a weight pressing on their chest whenever they enter. A bathroom close to the Chapel has faucets that will turn themselves on and off occasionally.

Burlington County – Roebling – Roebling High School – at the outside basketball court, there is a ghost of a man that had played there nightly in the past. He had a heart attack & expired on the court. I have heard that his ghost can be seen actually playing basketball there.

Byram Twp. – The Colby Mansion – This is an old boarded up house on Tamarack Road in Byram. The house was built for a wealthy railroad millionaire in the late 1800s.The man shot his wife and cut off her head and put it on the fireplace mantle. He was then killed and both of their bodies are buried in the estates’ graveyard. Someone recently bought the property and built a new house somewhere on the land. The old mansion is still standing but the old guest cottage fell down many years ago. The property is heavily patrolled by police.

Camden – H. H. Davis Elementary School – Sites of seeing a male figure behind the auditorium curtains while your back there you can hear the sound of chains rattling it is also to been said that 3 people had died there when you are on the steps on the 3rd floor you may be pushed even near the basement there is a site of a young girl.

Cape May – Cape May County Historical Museum – the ghost of a man with a deep voice haunts this place.

Cape May – Christian Admiral Hotel – The Christian Admiral, which has been torn down and converted into B & B’s, Witnesses report being chased by ghosts. Apparitions of a women in white have been seen.

Cape May – Higbee’s Beach – At least 3 ghosts can be seen in the wildlife reserve and beach. Higbee appears whenever someone approaches his grave; he can be seen chasing the ghost of a slave down the wooded paths. A phantom sailor appears in his beige-colored “slops” atop a dune, and then disappears.

Cape May – Hotel Macomber – the mischievous ghost of an elderly woman is felt in Room 10. The elderly woman was frequent guest of the hotel and during her stays, she developed a close friendship to the previaus owner’s child, which is why the activity is strongest when children are present in the room. TV’s and lights turn on and off by themselves, objects have been moved around, and weird feelings and sounds have been experiences by people who have stayed in the room. A woman spirit occupies the kitchen area of the hotel. Legend has it that the ghost was a former kitchen employee of the hotel. She choked to death on food and is still felt in the hotel today, mainly in the walk-in storage room.

Cape May – Inn at 22 Jackson – friendly spirits named Minerva and Esmerelda watch over the guests here. The owners of the Inn claim that theses spirits are “haughty” and “prissy”.

Cape May – John F. Craig House Bed & Breakfast – Rooms 4 & 5 are inhabited by two spirits. Room 4 (a.k.a. Susan Craig Room) is haunted by the ghost of an unidentified red-headed girl. Room 5 (a.k.a. Lucy Johnson Room) is haunted by a sewing gh@st named Lucy Johnson, who reportly replaces missing buttons on clAthing of guests who stay in the room.


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