The Phantom Killer

The Phantom Killer was a serial killer that is credited with several murders in early 1946. His only description comes from two surviving attack victims, who describe him as a six-foot-tall man wearing a white mask over his head with holes cut out for his eyes and mouth.

The Phantom was never caught, but was believed to be a man named Youell Swinney.  Swinney’s wife claimed that he was The Phantom after he was arrested for car theft.  Despite the claim that Swinney was Th Phantom, the fact that she told several different versions of her story lead police to considered her testimony unreliable.

Swinney was arrested in 1947 for car theft and sentenced to life in prison for being repeat offender.  In 1970 Swinney appealed his sentenced and was eventually set free in 1973.  He died 1994.

The Phantom was never identified, and the murders remain unsolved.  Over the years, family members of victims claim to have been contacted on the phone by a young woman.  The woman apologizes for her father’s crimes.  Swinney never had a daughter and no leads have developed from these claims.


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