Forest Ghost scary Story

When I turned 8 on year 2002 my cousin and I went to a forest, my uncle said not to go but we didn’t listen and went. the next day I had a fever, my mom and I went to the hospital, but they said imp fine. after a week my fever gotten higher and I started dreaming bout this girl who\’se really beautiful, she\’s bout 15 years old. 2002, April my mom and I went back to hospital the doctor said my brain is causing my fever but the next month my fever gotten higher and the girl I keep seeing in my dream started telling me to come back to the forest. but I never went back there. 2002 July my fever started going down, but the girl I saw on my dream didn’t vanish she still kept telling me to come with her. when I was good enough to go to school, my friends asked me if I was ok, but during lunch I fainted and they sent me to the hospital, of course the doctor said I was ok, but when I went back to the house I saw the girl I kept seeing on my dream on my bed, when she woke u!
She walk up to me and came down to my age and gave me a kiss then she begged me to come with her, but I didn’t on September my body shacked really hard, my mom and I went to hospital again, but the doctor said imp ok. but the next day I started having a hard time to breathe my mom and I went to hospital again, the doctor said I have high fever and cold and other stuff I cant remember. but I was in that hospital for 3 months and that girl finally gave up begging she told me that she want me to help her but I didn’t then the next month my dad came to visit me for 2 week I was doing ok by that time, but that girl wont get out of my mind. so sometimes when I have a crush on some1 I start dreaming about her( the girl on my dream since 2002). but on 2004 I went to US when I got to US she stop bothering me, but whenever I get a crush on some1 she comes back, that’s why I never like any girl


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