That day, a co-worker asks me about our weekend. She was a nice girl, dumb as bricks but well-meaning. She didn’t know much about the cosplay thing, so I took out my camera and showed her a picture of L and her boyfriend in costume. Didn’t think much of it, until later in the evening I get an angry text from L.
I should explain, the place where we worked was in a mall. There was the main store but there was also a small kiosk, owned by the store, in another part of the mall. So that night, I was working the kiosk and L was in the store. I couldn’t eave the kiosk unattended so this whole conversation happened over text with L.
Basically she flipped out on me for showing that co-worker her cosplay picture. It’s not like it was a risqué picture, and its not even like she wanted to keep her hobby a secret from our co-workers since they all knew about it anyway. Apparently I was violating her privacy and didn’t have “permission” to show the girl that picture or whatever. I honestly didn’t understand why she was upset, and refused to apologize because I hadn’t done anything wrong. Anyway, it ended up that L kicked me out of her house, right then and there. I didn’t have a way to get home from work,and she wouldn’t even let me back into her house to get my stuff. So I had t call up a mutual friend of ours, have her pick me up from work, and then have her go over to L’s house to retrieve my stuff. L didn’t talk to me for, like, a year after that.
We eventually make up, I don’t even really remember why or how, and things are cool for a while. I go back to school in another state but we still chat online and whatnot. Sometime during this time, L, myself, and another friend become mods of our local Lolita group on Livejournal. Now, there’s one particular girl in this group that L has had beef with for a while. Back when lolita_fucks was active (so you can tell how far back this goes), the other girl, let’s call her K, posted a picture of several local girls on there, including L and myself. Admittedly, our outfits were horrible, whatever, I moved on. L never did, and hated K ever since. She was convinced K was out to get her or something. One day, a mean secret was posted on the old loli_secrets about one of the girls in our comm (not L). For some reason, L becomes totally convinced that K posted the secret, despite total lack of proof, and without even a warning or clearing it with the other mods, she bans K from the comm. a few days later, K messages me to ask why she has been banned. She was totally perplexed, especially because she was never given a warning or notice of her ban. I tell her about the secret and how L thought it was her, but she can prove that she didn’t do it, and I admit that banning her (especially without warning) was totally unfair, so I unbanned her.
Anyway, she flipped the fuck out on me (again) because I unbanned K. I tried explaining that the ban was completely unfair but she simply wouldn’t hear it, and stopped talking to me again. I believe that was the last time we ever spoke.
TL;DR used to be friends with crazy girl, now live in another state and haven’t spoken to her for years.


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