I shall tell you all the story of the crazy girl I used to be besties with (I was young and naive).
We met my freshman year of high school. We were in the same biology class even though she was a senior and I was a freshman. I used to draw all the time in class and one day she saw my drawings and showed me hers. She was actually pretty good, better than me at the time, and she was really into anime. I was just starting to get into it at the time so she lent me some of her series and we became friends pretty fast. She also introduced me to cosplay and later that year I went to my first con with her and some other friends.
In a lot of ways I do feel ad for her,because she had a pretty crap home life (her parents were basically white trash and treated her really poorly, her house was a disaster and always smelled like cat piss, a few years ago herded had a child with some other woman that now her mother takes care of because the other woman is MIA or something, it’s fucked up) and she is bipolar. I don’t fault people their illnesses at all, but a lot of the time I think she did use it as an excuse to treat people like shit.
Anyway, we were friends off and on for almost ten years. I say “off and on” because she would randomly get mad at me for really stupid shit and stop talking to me for months at a time. At one point, I was living with Herat her parents house. It was after my first year of college and I had had an enormous fight with my mother (my mom is batshit and she and I had never gotten along well) and just couldn’t take living with her anymore. So this friend (let’s call her L) offered for me to stay with her. I didn’t have a car at the time and we were working at the same place, so we asked to have our schedules synced up,and it worked out pretty well.
I was paying her parents $150 a month to sleep on a camp cot in their “spare room” which was literally so full of crap (garbage, L’s cosplay stuff, an old computer that didn’t work…) that there was barely room for my camp cot and the cardboard box I was using as a desk. But whatever, I didn’t have to live with my parents, I was happy. I gave L gas money in return for riding me to work (even though we worked all the same shifts anyway), but most of the time I ended up paying fr her food and other stuff as well because she spent literally all of her money on cosplay. A few months after I move in with her, we decide to go to a con.
So we take the weekend off from work. The people we work with generally know about our hobby and some think it’s kind of weird, but whatever. At this con, L was cosplaying as Yuuko from xxxHOLIC, in her maid outfit. I was a bit peeved because I had spent a long time doing her makeup (painting her white, and drawing in the butterfly tattoo) and all she did the whole time was complain about how crappy the makeup job was. Blah. Anyway, we generally had a good time, get home from the con and go back to work on Monday.
(to be Continued)


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